C** licking

My wife loves to rub my c*** on her t***. Then she always "makes" me lick the c** from her t***. recently she asked if i would clean another mans c** off of her. i said I would. She seemed to enjoy this as she feed me her c** glazed t**.

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  • My wife visits a "friend" sometimes and comes home with a p**** full of c**, she goes wild for me eating her p**** out. Then I f*** her like a w**** after and eat her out again. Sometimes I spit the c** on her. I love eating c** out of her ass

  • Who's c** does she want you to lick off of her?

  • I think that when youre in the throws of sexual fantasy you would agree to almost anything. but when she has come and you have come would you still feel the same way?

  • I love cleaning s**** off my wife's fat t*** and c***

  • I would taste a guy i wont to try

  • I'm a submissive husband but the thought of licking another man's c** disgusts me. Yuk. I feel intensely loved and I like to serve her and she will reinforce the dominant position by having s** with others (guys and girls).

  • In a way the more she teases me and the more she challenges me the more I love her.

  • I always c** all over my girlfriend and she makes me lick it off. She's dominating though. She once f***** a guy in front of me whilst talking to me the whole time, telling me how good he was etc, then he came on her t*** and she made me lick it up. She made me thank him too.

  • I love doing this also

  • I would never lick another mans stuff off my woman. Your gay. Admit it dude

  • You aren't just permitting her infidelity: you're encouraging it.

  • Yup he is

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