I Had S** with My Stepdad at 17

So when i was like 8 or 9 my Mom (who divorced my father at the age of 6) meet my Stepdad and they worked together, i remeber the first time i met him he showed up at my moms door step with a bunch of boxes and he ran off to his truck cause my dad had filed papers saying we couldnt be around him. (he had been to prison for 5 years before, but only for marijuana, he was a changed man you wouldnt even think he had been to prison hes very Nice) but anyways after that a couple months later they got married, and my mom was gonna move in with him (in this confession ill call him james) so my dad took us away from her for about 4 months then finally my mom got us back and so on, then we started living with james and Me and James always had the Weirdest bond like we were best of friends (ive always acted way older than i am because i had to grow up super fast My mom was a w**** who has cheated on every single boyfriend and husband shes been married 7 times and my dad is a really really bad alcholic always has been i was mentally and physically abused in my childhood) anyways we were always super close, like he was a real dad to me for the whole time they were married, well James was the first person i told... i was a lesbian because we were very close nothing sexual yet though, and i didnt like men or guys at all i hated guys i didnt find them attractive one bit But james... i always had this thing for james, so weird that i dont like or find any man attractive but james ive found him attractive since i was 12 or so, and he's not a skinny guy hes kinda big but he's more muscule than anything, hes handsome very handsome he is now 50, he has white hair and a white goatee, he dresses very well for a cowboy, after they divorced when i was 15 me and him talked everyday over the phone then i got a car and the first thing i did when i got my licsense was drive to his house, we bonded like we never left, we were just like Best friends we talked about our s** lives and everything all the time like i was some old man or something, i went and seen him every other weekend when i wasnt at my moms, and we went out to eat and talked all the time, we could sit and talk for hours and never lose interest its crazy and honestly he rasied me he was the first adult figure i looked up to as a kid and honestly to this day i act like him so much, like my mom gets p***** cause of how much i act like him. but other than that after i turned 16 i got a girlfriend and so on i still have to this day then i turned 17 and so one day me and him had been talking and he was talking about so chick he met and how they were just f*** buddys and well it turned me on alot because he was saying we had the same body type and stuff like that then he said he didnt like how she acted cause she was being a b**** i guess so the next day my girlfriend was at work and i sent her a nude after i got out of the shower and well i had just been texting james... i accidently sent it to him... and i didnt even know i did till he texted me, and he said "i dont think you meant to send that to me but nice t***" and i was like what the f*** and i apoligized real quick and i was like just delete it please blah blah then i was like you know what im gonna use this and say f*** it so i started talking about how i wanted have s** with a man to know the experience and basically ended up he asking what man i wanted and i was like "honestly i like older men" and he kept asking who and he told me to stop f****** around and tell him so i told him that i had been weirdly attracted to him but no other man for a very long time and he said "i think me and you could have alot of fun together" so we spent the whole night dirty talking and sending nudes back and forth, then the next day i went to his house and he was sitting in his chair and i was nervous honestly and i went behind him and i scared him accidently but he said "well if you dont get over here strip for daddy your in trouble" so i got in front of him and i sat in his lap and i kissed him and we started making out and so on he was taking my clothes off and he stood up and sat me in the chair and he undid his zipper and i grabbed his d*** licking the tip of it very slowly and then sucking it and after the b******* he picked me up aggresivly turned me around and bent me over and licked my p**** and by this moment i was h**** as f*** and more turned on than my girlfriend had ever made me, i wanted to be f***** right then and there so i grabbed hair and pulled him away from p**** and told him to f*** me and he spanked me hard several times then he stuck his d*** inside of me and i had never felt so g******* good, i came at least 2 times, after that he took me to his bed and we just kinda layed there talking normally while i played with his semi-hard d***, which really turned me on then we were just going slow, he was laying flat on his back and i was on his side hovering my head over his and he was kissing my neck slow and soft and grabbing my ass with the arm that was behind me, then he was sucking and kissing my earlobes and then he was kissing and sucking and biting my nipples, while i still playing with his d***, god i was so turned on at this point, then he said "are you ready to be daddys girl?" and i jsut shook my head and said "mhm" and he got up fast and got to the edge of the bed and grabbed my hips and pulled me to the edge with his strong hands, and he started tasting and licking my p**** and tounge f****** me so damn good then he started spanking my p**** and my b******, and then he stuck his d*** in and started f****** me nice and slow, about 5 minutes later he was ready to c** so he got back on the bed laid down and i started olaying and sucking his c***, then he pulled back up to kiss him and he started playing with his d*** and about 2 minutes later he told me "suck my d*** and dont let a drop of c** leave your mouth or ill have to spank you" and he came in my mouth and i swallowed every bit of it, then after wards he was wore out and i was slowly and softly licking the tip of his d*** hearing him moan from how sensitive he was it was so f****** sexy then i went back up to kiss his neck and we just laid there and he cuddled me and was rubbing my arm and my back real softly under the covers, then he laid on me putting his head on my chest while i ran my hands softly on his back and playing with his hair, we fell asleep like that... lets just we've f***** about 5 or 6 times since then and we've been f****** for about 2 months...


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  • At least bullshit could be written well but this is crap.

  • Yeh well I hope they all get hiv aids and have to give me their millions and billions and zillions. like as if i aint earnt it from them already.

  • Lew? Is this you? I love this story.

  • If it is true add me on Snapchat andyc2104

  • What a BS story.

  • Made up or real, I don't know and don't care, but your story was amazing!

  • Amazing? Gee, that's not an overused word...much.

  • I promise this is 100% real I really wanted to post about it somewhere cause not a lot of girls get a chance with there stepdad cause it’s just wrong most the time. But I was in disbelief that I got the chance so I really wanted to share it I think it’s a great f*** around thing people want to hear and I had a real one πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ And thank you 😁

  • Great story and nothing wrong with it and yeah thanks for sharing. It's nice others w*** or finger to your own stories. What's your email?

  • Fantastic!!!! so glad you got to do what you wanted. good girl. would love to hear more please wetkn@outlook.com

  • Really nice story

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