I love wearing womens panties and clothes

I have been wearing womens panties and clothes since childhood. It started when my dads baby sister dressed me up as a little school girl at age eight even though i was just a kid and was playing house my parents disapproved and forced me to wear girls clothes till i was a teenager. I guess they thought they were punishing me but i really enjoyed it until i was a teenager i acted and dressed just like a teenage girl even used the girls restrooms and my voice was even like a teenage girl voice and sometimes even now i sound like a teenage girl. My wife loves me dressed as like a women and the feel of a fresh pair of panties on my backside is like heaven so soft so smooth and oh so many styles and colors. And they dont dig in to my leggs and thighs like mens underwear does .as of three months ago my wife loves me and lets me wear womens panties and clothes all . and someday she said she would considered me having a sexchange operations from male to female since my body and the way i walk and talk like a women already. And she said she would still have be and stay married to me afterwards. As she support's me wearing womens panties and clothes all. I am sitting beside her wearing a frilly purple gstring right now.

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  • I would have loved to f*** you at 8 years old wearing panties

  • That's super hot~

  • It's BS that only morons think is hot.

  • Well done. dress up as much as you want and enjoy the feelings

  • Liar.

  • Why ? your a goon

  • Why are you commenting, paedophile?

  • Probably because your a goose, obviously no real sense, if you don't like the post don't read it you just want a reason to put s*** on other's, you do love reading all these stories and more than likely having a w*** EH ?

  • So you don't deny that you're a paedophile. Vile, but at least you're honest about it.

  • That is so nice take no notice of the negative comments, there is one person that consistently pretend's to hate cross dresser's on this site but that is because he really, really want's to do it but because he is so obese he can't get any female gear to wear
    Keep it up Darling all the best to you xxx

  • Thank you

  • I was kidding of course. You sickos want acceptance for your depravity so bad that you can't see sarcasm when it is pointed at you.
    Seriously consider drinking poison.

  • If you have nothing good to say about cross dressing or straight males wearing lingerie please don't say anything you don't even have to read the posts OK ?
    I love my husband wearing lingerie he does that all the time when at home along with heels and a lot of our friends do the same, nothing wrong with it we have a fantastic love life.
    So for those that don't like it "grow up"

  • Shut the h*** up, Adolf! When anyone wants lip from you they'll lower their zipper.

  • Just kill yourself!!

  • You sick f***. Where do you work so we can notify your employer? Oh nevermind. You probably don't have a job.

  • It's a nice dream

  • Its not a f****** dream its who i really am and what i have gone through. Who the h*** are you to say other wise.f*** you.

  • Your explosive defensiveness says everything about who -- and what -- you are. Your life is an incredible mess and so you (a) dream up the stupidest fantasies to try to make yourself feel "unique" and "special", when all you're doing is making it clear how boring and sad you are, and (b) lash out wildly at everyone who even mildly questions your choices. You need to get some professional help. Soon. Why? Because this attitude will eventually leak over into your everyday life . . . if that hasn't already happened.

  • We disapprove of all panty and stomach growling post in here. So stop it!

  • Go f*** yourself you homophobic asshhole.

  • Shut up paedophile?

  • Aw, Jeeeeeezzzz.......not THIS s*** again!

  • F*** you you homophobic ass. Not that i would give you the time of day .i am who i am a bisexual crossdresser who loves d*** and p**** not that its anyone business. So go f*** yourself.

  • What an idiot

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