I want a bull to f*** my virgin fiancée.

This is my fantasy.

Nothing gets me off more than imagining a bull taking my fiancée's virginity. I want to experience all the humiliation and jealousy of knowing I have forever lost the chance to be her first.

I hope the lucky bull gets absolutely turned on by taking her virginity. I want him to know my fiancée chose him over me. I want him to have a huge c*** and feel every corner of her virgin c***. I want him to feel her virgin c*** squeeze his c***. I want him to tell me how my fiancee's virgin p**** feels. I want him to feel her virgin c*** have its first o***** that's caused by a c***.

I hope he gets off so hard taking my fiancée's virginity, as he becomes the first man to c** in her. I hope it's the biggest load he's ever made, so he can enjoy the extra sensitivity on his c*** and enjoy my fiancee's virgin c*** better. I hope he c*** as deep in her p**** as he can reach, so the last moments of it all, her virgin c*** spasms, contracts, milks, and squeezes out every drop of c**.

I'm not going to give out any personal information, but I do hope at least one bull that reads this is fated to meet my fiancée and makes her his s***.

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  • I will put my name down for that

  • You like being bred by Bulls. We know.

  • Ne nice to blow my c** in her n Cleveland ga bring her to watch her get f***** all nite

  • How would you feel to have my fiancée’s virginity?

  • Only poofters live in Cleveland.

  • Whats your numner mine 706391w643

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