Fat Acceptance is BULLSHIT

You have no one to blame but yourself, for being a fat lazy piece of s***. You can't say you're healthy at 400 pounds. You look like the Michelin Man. Nobody at that weight is "healthy". Heart Disease- it comes from being morbidly obese. Good luck being happy with that. Oh, how about Type 2 diabetes? Yeah. Real healthy and fun.

You'll extend your life twice as long if you simply walk for an hour up and down a flight of stairs. How does that make you feel? Motivated? Angry? I don't give a f***. Because in the end you can't change the truth.

Fat Acceptance is BULLSHIT. You are bullshitting yourselves by believing this bullshit. Now do yourself a favor, and sweat the pounds off! It isn't going any other way, besides surgery.



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  • I agree that hugely obese people are deluding themselves that health is anywhere on their personal horizon... but I feel the exact same way about people who are go-go-go and/or angry all the time, who don't sleep well, who put out much more energy hiding from their baggage than they ever do dealing with it.

    Where's the "concern" for all that? Where are the cries of "epidemic"?

    Redlining your energy looks cool when you're trying to impress people with how "busy" you are. (Thanks to the Covid epidemic, that little fantasy has been blasted all to h***.) So either take a good look at yourself before you start squalling about other people's health issues (which, unless you're the world's best psychic-doctor combo, you cannot assess accurately) or STFU.

    I have to admit I am generally not attracted to heavier people-- but they are PEOPLE, and worthy of my positive regard (if they're decent people). Just because you don't want to rub your junk against someone doesn't mean they have no purpose for existing. I realize this is a difficult concept for someone like OP, who is clearly struggling to live in this world with a severe mental deficit.

  • Angry much?...Your life must suck if fat people get you this twisted up.

  • Yep! So let's express our CONCERN for OP's health by telling it what a rage-filled, doomed little r3tard it is and that we hope it dies from a massive cerebral hemorrhage. Because we "care" that way, the same way people like OP "care" about the obese.

  • You seem to have a lot of anger issues. You know what else isn't healthy? Stress. Calm the f*** down. Did a fat guy steal your girl or something?

  • I restrict my gf food. She has to weigh herself every day. I like skinny. She has to be hungry a lot.

  • It would be my honor to kick your ass

  • I guarantee it would be easy to take someone that cowardly and craven.

  • I work my a*** off to make a living and taxed 35% of my earnings. I work in houses where people collect my hard earned money getting disability checks not getting off the couch all day shoving food in there fat faces. Crap food they buy with government given food cards. Bubba in front of you at the store with a cart loaded down isn't paying for it. We are. Let Bubba know you don't appreciate it next time you see him/her.

  • People talk about how bad smoking and drinking is, but obesity is the biggest problem, especially in the US. I work as a disability analyst, and a good 90% of the claims I review are problems not from smoking/drinking/cancer, but being too fat--bad knees, backs, and all kinds of s*** that comes from carrying too much weight.

  • Fat America

  • Evertyone in my family is obese but me and there is no medical reason for it.
    Here's a big secret to staying fit...push away from the table! Go out and move around instead sitting there shoving crap in your mouth!

  • I agree it is bs, some doctors and weigh loss clinics don't want to take account for how they let a lot of women down. they keep saying "oh its all your fault your fat" and they ignore signs of unhealthy fat and I don't understand this in doctors. I am thinking about changing doctors and finding a clinic that values what I value like morals and not looking down on others but giving them a hand up rather then a hand out. teach a man to fish he feeds himself for live, give a man a fish he only eats for a day. i mean if they don't give jobs to people over foreigners and a*******, and leaving nice people to go get fat, yeh, that is it a guy literally told me "to go get fat" and I sure wish he would the American j*** in a country that should kick his behind.

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