I want to be gang raped

I first realized that I wanted this when I watched an episode of Law and Order SVU. I was 9. It wasn't the first time I felt that tingle, so I knew what it meant.

Every time I'm walking alone at night, or at the bar alone, my mind wanders to a rape scenerio... The bar scene is usually a mysterious looking man watching me from a poorly lit section of the place. I notice him staring intently... Lustfully at me. After I've had a few drinks, he sees that im tipsy and walks towards me slowly, smiles and politely asks if he can sit down at my table, and I agree. He asks what I'm drinking and I tell him Caribou Lou. He leaves and comes back with the drink for me and something for himself. He asks me if I was with anyone tonight, and if I have a boyfriend. I shake my head no and the corner of his mouth tightens into a twisted smirk. Throughout the night, he buys me four or five more drinks... I'm drunk, but still aware enough to be able to walk. At 1:30 I get my phone out to call a cab, but he offers to drive me home instead and I oblige. I chug the last of my drink and we head off. We get into his car and he asks me for the cross streets by my home. As I start to speak, I notice that I'm way more messed up than I should be. My vision started to narrow and blur when I feel his strong hand grab my thigh. He said through a grin "Change of plans. I'm going to have some fun with you tonight, s***. If you're a good girl, I'll let my friends f*** your tight little wet c***! " With that, his fingers bypass the waistband of my yoga pants and dip into my p**** forcefully.

Sorry... Got off on a little tangent there... Anywho.... Is it normal to feel like this? Like, to have scenarios so detailed. I have the feeling that if anyone actually tried to rape me, that I would have the most intense o****** ever!!!! I would enjoy it so much... The more the merrier too! I've even gotten off to the thought of holding a knife to my throat while they slam their c*** into me over and over.


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  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vk9hI0hbnfw i can't see what her father did so wrong. its all deliberate spin for her media attention everyday. she wants to be media tart.

  • I have the same general thoughts. I love the knife idea. I think of being just ravaged by lots. Then after they are done with their pleasures. Take that knife and cut my p****. Cut my throat a little... just enough to make it a point to never fight off any man needing release.

  • My hot ex loved being raped by me too. She told me that she fantasizes about walking around naked at home, and when I come back from work, she has to pause whatever she is doing and let me f*** her until Im pleased.

    There are a couple times when I forced her to be naked when doing things with me, such as watching netflix, so that I can play with her female parts, and she liked it.

    Don't worry babe it is normal to feel this way. Having your body played by a guy is an awesome feeling :)

  • Id love to hear all of your story...in detail please including the little tangent part wetkn@outlook.com

  • I thought you said you're a paedophile.

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