Toxic b******

My so called "friends" have recently turned against me and they wont tell me why or what happened. even worse, this b**** seemed to be trying to flirt with my crush (i told her before when i thought i could trust her). because of this, every time i see them at school i have this urge to drag a knife across their chests although i try to wipe those thoughts away. i know it's wrong on so many levels but i cant help it.

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  • Sounds like you are mentally ill. Are you seeing a shrink?
    Would you please kill yourself before you hurt someone else?

  • Don't let others push your buttons otherwise they control you. don't live in reaction to others all your life its not a good mode to be in and your ruled by others. steer your own boat. move schools and or make him commit to you or get pregnant that way he will have to take notice of you.

  • What do you know about me? Mind your own business!

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