There people posting disgusting s** confessions here...

Haven't showered in a week or two, greasy hair, ketchup and underarm sweat stained shirts, rotting yellow teeth with a breath odor that won't go away. Only go out at night to grocery shop with their welfare tickets. J*** off in public bathrooms and dark alleys. Complete degenerates.

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  • I'm not sure I understand the problem.

  • Quiet all the squabble... Winter is coming.

  • You sound jealous. You haven't wiped your a-s-s since 2013 and give off a smell that is somewhere between wet burlap and a rotting dead squirrel.

    Your parents claim they caught you sticking you tongue in the backside of a goat while covering yourself in steak sauce.

    Everyone that knows you thinks you wear a toupee because your hair looks like honey was poured on your head and allowed to dry.

  • I called st vinnies and this old b**** was attacking me saying "I can't help your problems their too much for me" and I hung up. so remember that when you see them next.

  • I post and I'm sexy as s***.

  • That's what your mom tells you.

  • She also tells me that you were seen doing deep knee bends over fire hydrants.

  • I guess you know from experience

  • The*

    I've never posted a s** confession on here.

  • Of course you haven't, Chester.

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