I'm A Paedophile

I like looking at pictures of young girls. I haven't had s** with an underage girl; but I would love to.

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  • Snap me @Brit.lover

  • What I find nuts is how well 8 year old girls can sometimes suck d***. The have the hand twisting, ball sucking deep throating skills most adult ladies wish they had lmao.

  • Nothing better then a young petite girl with a flat chest, a tight bald p*ssy and a sexy tight little butt.

  • What ages of little girls do you prefer ?

  • 10 and up

  • 11 to 12

  • Great ages..

  • Ever get any..

  • I can say that those ages i like too.
    They seem innocent and cute but is wonderful to feel that you have control over them and take their innocence .

  • Keep them close and happy. You will have no worries. Love the innocent.

  • Have you any stories. I have so sweet is right.....

  • Nothing hotter than a cute little p****. Chicks like big d****, dudes like little tight p******. It's natural.

  • Yes I had younger teen girl she would always hang around and shoot the s*** and wear tight shorts up her as and tight tank tops big b**** and she come snuggle so one day I said if I pay your cell bill can I have some so off come the shorts to sexy ass pantys and the p**** was tight and good poped her cherry

  • GO die

  • Will in a minute, just need to f*** one more 8 year old first, know any?

  • You no you do it to your the very one hew enjoys them you girls walking around mall with short shorts on looking at that panty line I bet you beating off as you left comment f*** boy

  • High school girls love a fat big d*** I,had one suck,my old man d*** for her cell bill to be paid @@@

  • Young girls are the best... They learn fast and do better. Catch them young and watch them grow.

  • I have had young stuff its good and tight and get a chance I will do it again

  • U are a sick f***

  • So are you or you would not be looking

  • You like teens

  • The younger the better

  • Little preteen p**** is amazeing. Not a hair and so tight and sweet little a**** and sweet breast buds all waiting too be sucked and licked..

  • Liar. You're into wrinkled elderly p****

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