I think that all of your "problems" are bullshit

Yeah, I said it, all of these confession sites...I browse, I read, searching for something that will make me feel like I don't have it so bad. But all of your whiny bullshit confessions make me sick.
My confession: My little brother (4 years my junior) was shot in the head by his 'best' friend when he was 13. This friend of his was joking around with a loaded gun. My little brother, died.

Five years later my Mother, after getting a divorce and leaving the state was attacked by her roomate of one week. This roomate literally slit her throat. Thankfully she survived, but is only a shell of a person now.

Last year my father lost his battle with bone cancer, after one year of watching him completely go insane with pain, I was the one who asked the nurses to give him the fatal dose of morphine. He couldn't even speak, he just uttered horrible sad incoherent pleas.

I hate God, if there is one. I still function. I still love. Bad things still happen.

My step-father had a double by pass two years ago and survived. Last February he was diagnosed with inoperable colon cancer. When doctors went in to confirm his diagnoses they found that the cancer wasn't cancer at all but only a blockage which they removed. My step father recovered fully. I think God found my breaking point and decided I'd had enough.

Now I don't hate him as much


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  • You really should look into counseling.You sound extremely depressed to me and it seems you have not dealt with your grief yet.Talking to a member of the clergy would be a good idea as well to help with your conflicted attitude towards God.I know it doesn't seem like it,but God loves you and wants to help you.Good luck.

  • The only thing you should beleive in, is yourself and the power you have to change YOUR world.. God has nothing to do with it. He loves us all the same.

  • lol

  • Life has had you in the blender for while now. Sorry to hear of your losses. Would you punch anyone in the face if they said Keep your chin up?

  • Lots of us would, idiot. Re-read this confession and say you wouldn't so we can see you for the liar you are.

  • Dude you are right. These are real problems, and I commend you for gutting through them like you have. I found a link to this site through some humor site, and most of the posts here are pathetic, lame, and you gotta admit, pretty damn funny. You've had an unfair dose of life - it should make you stronger.

  • wow, i'm sorry for your problems, but is that supposed to make mine or anyone else's problems feel less bad for us? maybe, maybe not. life is h****** everyone!

  • i'm not trying to preach here, but Jesus loves you even though you don't love him back.

    he'll get to you soon

  • I am sorry for the loss of your brother; I had a childhood friend survive his similar accident but tragic nonetheless.
    I am sorry for the injury of your mother; thankfully that she has survived that aattadck of a lunatic.
    I am sorry for the loss of your father.
    Thank goodness your step recovered from the doctors misdiagnosis.

    God has big spiritual shoulders and understands your hate even if you don't understand His love. Best wishes and Merry Christmas.

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