I told my friend to f*** my virgin fiancée

I’ve posted on this site before, about my fantasy, but never got the feed back I wanted.

I know this sounds fake, but it’s not. I’m a cuckold who is engaged to a virgin. I became a cuckold in a previous relationship. I really got off on the humiliation and jealousy aspects of it all.

My fiancée is 28 years old and of Pakistani origin. Before she met me, she was started to become sexually active, but still never had s** (she absolutely insists she’s still a virgin). She has a sexy body: she’s by no means fat, but she’s petite with all the right curves (especially her round, thick ass) and has a beautiful p****. It turns me on to show her off to bulls online (she’s given me permission to show her pics as long as I don’t show her face).

For a few years now, it’s been my greatest cuckold fantasy for another man to seduce my fiancée and take her virginity. I know the permanent loss of what I’ll lose and crave for that extreme humiliation and jealousy. This will be the first time she let a d*** inside her p****. This will be the first time my fiancée has s**. This will be the first time she lets her p**** be used for a man’s sexual satisfaction. It’s the first time she lets herself get f*****. Imagining the masochistic pleasure of being cucked this way is so f****** intoxicating. I want the lucky bull to feel like an absolute alpha when it happens.

Anyway, during the weekend, a friend and I were hanging out at my house. After my fiancée left to go shopping, he remarked that she had a nice ass and asked how often I f*** her. I told him that she’s still a virgin, but he didn’t believe me. After insisting that she was, I told him she still does blows me and that I eat her out. He asked if she was good at sucking d***, so I replied that I think she is. I told him she loves her p**** being eaten and that she moans a lot, and that she becomes very wet. He clearly liked hearing that, and I was becoming aroused, so I told him her ass is even better than it looks on the outside and that she likes when I spank it. He then remarked that he’d like to spank her ass, too. After swallowing hard, I asked him if he would he really do it, if he could. He thought I was becoming angry and said he was just kidding, but I told him I wasn’t angry, and I then asked again. He said he would. I then asked “clothed or unclothed?” He responded with “unclothed; I want to make her ass red.” I then offered to send him a picture of her ass, to which he gladly accepted: I watched my friend look at my fiancee’s bare ass; he was shocked at how thick it is and said he’d f*** her senselessly. I then asked “even if she was a virgin and still with me?” At this point, my friend started to realize I’m into him talking about my fiancée like this, and said “I think you want me to say I would.” I then asked “what if I said I do?” He then asked “do you?” I then told him point blank that I do. He then told me he would totally pop her cherry for me. I sent him more nudes of my fiancée, including some close ups of her p****. As he lustfully saw each picture and stopping with her p****, he said he’d definitely f*** my virgin s*** for me. I told him I wanted to help him seduce her. He laughed and said “damn, you really want me to f*** your girl!” I told him it’s been a fantasy of mine for a few years because I’m a cuckold. I told him I want it to humiliate me and make me feel jealous, when he does it, because he’ll always have my fiancee’s virginity and I’ll never be able to get it back. I then sent him a video of my fiancée masturbating naked with her p**** dripping milky c** in the end, as she squeals and moans for my camera; in this video, she rubs her p**** and practically “washes it” with her own wetness. I told him to give her p**** it’s first load. He said he’d empty his b**** in her. I told him to ruin her for me. He said he’ll stretch her out beyond repair. I asked him how big he was and he told me he’s 8 inches. He asked me the same question, and I told him I’m half his size, which caused him to laugh. I told him that I had to leave the room to go j*** off.

After I came back, we talked about everything. I told him what turns my fiancée on and if he’d want me to be present. He doesn’t want me to be there, but he’d record it all for me. I ended up sending all of my fiancee’s nudes to him that day.

I’ve been jerking off like crazy, since then, and he’s already started texting my fiancée. My last message to him was for him to tell me how tight my fiancée’s virgin c*** squeezes his c***.

There’s no turning back now.


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  • All that keyboard bashing for another attempt at the attention you feel you deserve. Too bad it didn't work out AGAIN. Guess you're not all that, are you?

  • I'd Love to f*** her Pali c***

  • Come and f*** her!

  • You can't be a s*** and a virgin at the same time.

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