A five year old girl was raped fifty years ago

She was left alone for a short time while her mother visited a friend. This lunatic on dope broke into the house and raped my friend when she was just five years old. The assault almost killed her and she was unable to ever have children because of her injuries.

The guy was caught and convicted and sentenced to life with the possibility of parole after twenty-five years.

After the time of parole came up my friend went to the parole board to make a victim statement. Even at age thirty, she had health issues connected to being raped as a child. As I said she is unable to bear a child.

Appearing at the hearing she has consistently destroyed any possibility of him ever being released and has been doing so for twenty-five years.

The rapist is in his seventies and no release in sight.

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  • This man should not still be in jail ,he should have been put to death as soon as they found him guilty. There is no reforming these animals and once caught they should be killed . Sometimes we must cull some for the good of the herd.

  • Was the victim black or white or from USA or another country? you must have good police and courts that help women cuz here they are not.

  • She is white and American. However, there have been many back victims of this sort of crime whose rapists or abusers are doing time in prison some for life.

  • Why does race or country have any thing to do with This?
    More like the mom is a worthless f*** for leaving a 5 year old home alone.

  • Think about it

  • That is awful for your friend, I was molested from the age of 5 and a relative tried to rape me and it hurt but he couldn't I was too tight but I felt so scared, I am glad your friend got the help she needed and that man is in jail, I wish I had had help like that, my abuse went on for another 10 years and then I was raped and had vaginal problems ever since the age of 20. the worst part is no one wants to know or care. I am alone in this. you should be a good friend to her cuz she is going to need a good friend for life. I wish I had 1 friend I could rely on but I don't. promise to be a good friend to her for life. she will need one!

  • Why in the H*** don't you go to the police? It doesn't help you to tell us your story?

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