S** at work

I work in a small team for a large company and this woman whom I have worked with for about 10 years now is amazingly beautiful. She so amazing that I never thought I would ever see her naked, let a lone have s** with her. I would love to be with this woman if she would ever have me.

So one day we started flirting. No big deal, I never thought any thing about it because she's married and so am I. This small flirting went on for several months until one day I just decided to tell her that I wanted to f*** her. At first she was shocked and said we couldn't because both of us were married. I kept asking and she kept telling me no. Then one day she came in early. I always come in earlier than everyone else. So I was kind of shocked to see her in so early. She walked to her desk, dropped her things, looked at me and said "Do you want to go have s**?". I never jumped up so fast in my life. We left and went down the road where we had s** in the back of my car. Her body was so amazing and soft. I didn't want it to end, but about and hour later we were back at work and she told me I could never tell anyone. I never have and probably never will, but I really want to have s** with this woman again. This woman is so amazing that I would leave my wife for her in a second.

We still work together but the flirting has stopped and we haven't ever had s** again. I think about her all the time and still tell her how amazingly beautiful she looks. It's been 2 years now since we had s** and I don't think we'll ever do it again, but I can always hope that one day out of the blue she'll come in early again and ask me if I want to go have s** again.

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  • S** and work are nearly always a bad mix. Just be glad that you got to f*** her and take it for what it was. Chances are she loved it too, but realized that there was going to be possibly too many emotions involved that weren't going to be good for anyone.

  • S** can totally f*** up a friendship

  • I agree s** can f*** up a friendship. But sometimes you find a friend who really does want a relationship and you end up married for the next 50 years. :)

  • She liked your d***, but she wants love and commitment. If you can giver her that, I betcha she'd play with you again.

  • I want to give her love and commitment. I want her to leave her husband and be with me.

  • Why did you cheat on your spouse? If you don't love your spouse anymore, you discuss those feelings with them. You try to resolve whatever issues you both may have in your relationship as a team and if you cant work as a partnership to do that, then you end your relationship. But you never use cheating as an option and excuse for anything. I've witnessed firsthand people I know and love dearly, extremely hurt by the actions of cheating. Cheating can be life altering and truly devastating for those cheated on, those that are close to them and the children if any are involved. If you once loved and respected your spouse, you wouldn't betray their love by cheating on them. Fair enough if you have an open marriage. But you obviously don't. A statement confirms it in your confession, "When you stated you wanted to f*** her and she said we can't because we're married"

    Love shouldn't be abused, misplaced, taken for granted, devalued, manipulated and underappreciated. You've done all those things.

  • You are absolutely correct. I won't even try to deny or defend my actions, but I will tell you this. My wife and I married very young. We were both in high school. We're mostly just friends now. We sleep in different rooms and never have s**. We were going to get a diverse years ago but decided we would just stay together out of convenience.

  • S** at work.
    I guess she didn't think you wee worth doing again.

  • You ever try to have s** in the back seat of a car before work? I have one time and I'll never do it again. Not because the guy wasn't any good but because having s** in the back seat of anything sucks. Then I felt dirty at work all day.

  • Then leave it alone let her care for her daughter

  • In 5 years her daughter will be 18 and out of the house. Maybe she is just waiting for then so she can divorce her husband and be with this guy. There are a lot of women who stay in relationships until the kids are grown. She had s** with him once, so that tells me she is interested in being with him.

  • Dude send her some flowers and a wee cryptic note hinting at the past and you still would like to be with her

  • I just told her again the other day that she looked amazingly beautiful and that I would still run away with her to another state whenever she's ready.
    She just smiled and said "I know you would."
    I think part of the problem is that she still has a 13 year old daughter at home.

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