I have had s** with a lot of guys

I am not sure how many guys I have slept with over the years, but I estimate it is well over 500. I had a lot of guys before I was married, but I have had a lot since being married too. I am on several dating sites and cannot stop hooking up. I had s** with three guys this week.

Dec 9, 2017

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  • I have always been attracted to s****. I love women who can have s** only for the satisfaction and move on with no strings. I found out in my late teens that my mother was basically this type of woman and also bisexual.

    My wife had had about 50 men by 28 when we began our affair and she changed to women and has had about 25 of them and would be glad to do more if we could find them. She had f***** 25-30 by the time of her first marriage . She did these from 18 until 20 when she married the first husband. She was straight for three years and then f***** the next twenty over the next four years.

    Share your body with pride and always try to give a memorable performance. If people are going to talk about you at least it can be positive.

  • One of my best friends in my 20s was a girl who was beautiful but quite overweight. She started s** at 11 and by 25 had given up keeping track of her number. Many or maybe even most of hers were b******* and she was known far and wide for being a c** s***. Many times when she did me in the afternoons I was her sixth or seventh of the day. She had a great return rate as she was so good but still did three or four new ones every week. Her p**** defied the idea that frequent use would stretch one out of shape. Her p**** always felt like a hot glove grabbing your c*** and massaging it. She also loved a*** s** and was quite good at that as well.

    Another old flame had turned over 300 between 14 and 45 when she abruptly quit having s** altogether. She was married five times and recently turned 67. She was my first squirter. It is a real shame for her to quit f****** as she was another natural with excellent body movements when she had a d*** in her. She was only into vaginal s** no oral at all. She had many quirks and hangups for such a hot p**** girl.

  • My oldest sister was a c** s***. She loved to suck and started with me when she was 11 or 12. Over the years she changed jobs frequently because things got too hot at work. There is no telling how many men she blew over the years. She was not into f****** around much just sucking and I am sure that caused some of the job problems. She was beautiful with an incredibly hot natural body. She had big t*** and nipples with a beautiful azz and legs. Her weight fluctuated a lot but she became quite sexy even if 20# overweight. Her distribution never changed as she gained all over and not just in the gut. She loved the taste of c**. She was also bisexual.

    I"ve known several others who were into the hundreds and two that claimed 1,000 or more different lovers all before they were 35. Many of these had sold p**** from time to time but not on a regular basis just when times were hard. It is also amazing that as many of these s**** as I have known and f***** and even in love with a couple of them that I have never had an STD. In 50+ years of f****** literally everything I had a real chance to f*** or get blown by there is not one I would not go back to if I could. Sucking and f****** should come natural to a woman and to the ones who don't stifle it are truly noteworthy.

  • FIVE HUNDRED TIMES. Ah ha! You are the one then! Its true isn't it? You went to the gynecologist, got up, feet in the stirrups and he said "My what a large v*****, my what a large v*****" and you said, "Well, you didn't have to say it twice" to which he replied, "I didn't".

  • S** can be a tool to prove you're still desireable and sexy. The more s** you have the greater you are desired. Does your hubby know and approve? Id not, are you prepared to deal with the consequences should he find out?

  • Hi friend. I have the same trouble. I was married for 15 years and the s** was eh. Once the divorce happened, everything changed. It seemed like I would always be on my knees or on my back and it has not stopped four years later. I cannot stop, in fact, I always ant more.

  • Are you bipolar by chance? I am, and like you, I'd go through manic phases where I was basically picking up guys off of the street for s**. It took years to get diagnosed and treated, but it sounds like you might have the same issue.

  • I wonder how old are you ?
    You have s** with over 500 men .
    I guess you are old or you like s** too much or you don't remember very well .
    Unless you were s** worker .

  • Very sexy. Does your husband know. My wife sleeps around. I let her

  • I want my wife to sleep around!!!

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