I hate to keep harping about the Jehovah Witnesses but damn

You would have to be out of your mind to join these losers. They don't seem to be able to be consistent in their own belief system. I mean for generations they said Jesus was crucified on the cross and now they say it was a torture stake. Make up your mind Jw's.

They have predicted the end of the world so many times and it didn't happen that they have embarrassed themselves. They quit but they still used to do it.

They say H*** doesn't exist but that the bad old non JW's would merely not be resurrected. You'll miss out on what seems like an eternal picnic where you can s**** your wife but no one else. Paradise earth my ass. I was once told by some angry JW that if I chose non-resurrection that I would become bird food. Well, bird food I will become rather than join this cult.

What has this cult accomplished? What do they contribute? Nothing it seems like. Science? education? Medicine? Something? Anything?

There's not a society in the world that has these people that would not be better off without them.

Slam the door in their faces when they come to your house. Don't be suckered into this vile worthless cult.

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  • If you hate to do it so much, then knock it the f*** off! I don't have any love for JW either, but I don't have a bug up my butt about them either like you do. Just admit you have unresolved sexually oriented issues around them and move on.

  • A religion is not a person. A person is more than, their religious beliefs. You're too quick to judge people based on their religious beliefs, that is stupid! Yes, you appeared to have encountered some people that were stupid, that followed this particular religion. But maybe they were douchebags in general, regardless of their religion. Some people are just d****!

    What if you encountered a beautiful hearted person and you befriended them, then they informed you that they're an JW - Only because you both were discussing a topic about religion. Would you discredit how you feel about them as a person and continue to be their friend? Or would you judge them according to your judgements and discriminations about his/her religion, ending the friendship because of it?

    Fair enough, you're entitled to your opinion and expressing it like everyone else. However, you don't have to spread ignorance, prejudice and judgements.

    Have respect and common decency by not disrespecting someone's religious beliefs. If you don't agree with a person's religion and they're preaching to you, use diplomacy and tact. If that approach doesn't work, simply ignore them and walk away respectfully.

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year :)

  • Most of them are pretty kind (one goes to my school). But that person telling you that you would be bird food... Just wow.

  • The problem with religion is that all of them require you to believe in their faith and all other religions are fake. Then people take it upon themselves to bash, belittle, and even violently hurt those of other religions.
    Let me ask you this, what are you so mad about? How is their religion or belief affecting you in anyway?
    You should focus on your own religion and yourself as a person instead of what some other religion is doing or saying.

  • They visit my house for one thing. No other religion does that.

  • Yes, other religions do, including unwanted business solicitors, visit people at their place of residence. Your response should always be the same. "Thank you, but I'm not interested" then you close the door. It's as simple as that.

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