I love the taste of s***.

I'm a bisexual male likes to get f***** in his ass by black men I want to see Asian the black man in question had a huge c*** when he pulled out he pulled out a bit of s*** on his d*** and asked me to clean it all I was going to clean it off with a paper towel when I just got the urge to go down on him the s*** tasted surprisingly good on his c*** so I just sucked it off clean. Ever since then I've been eating s***. I've been doing it for about 6 years and I love it I love the taste of it I love the smell of it I love the feel of it in my mouth. It's to the point where I go into public restrooms and if I see somebody hasn't washed I'll eat the s*** right out of the toilet bowl. My ex-girlfriend who I was with for 3 years like the fact that I eat s***. We never had to buy toilet paper and she never had to go to the bathroom unless I wasn't there because every time she should I would have her s*** on a plate and I would eat it instead of wiping her ass with toilet paper I would clean it with my tongue. I especially love diarrhea which he used to have diarrhea I would have her s*** directly over my mouth there were times when I would have her take exlax because I craved it so much. That's My Confession. I put it under strange and not embarrassing because I'm not embarrassed I absolutely love to eat s***.

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  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VulLTKmZMR4

  • Good job you do like s***. Because you talk enoufgh off it..

  • You are so f****** awesome doll thank you for liking my post

  • #sickfuck #veryveryverysickfuck

  • Agreed

  • The fact that you eat the p*** from strangers at restrooms in public without those strangers know what you doing seems sensual to me .
    Or it is seems sensul cause i have too must l*** lately .

  • It is Central to me too eating other people's p*** without them knowing about it it's sexy and it turns me on I love the feel of it on my lips and on my tongue. I've been looking for a group to join on Facebook or online somewhere, People Like Us I can't find one if you can help me that would be amazing thank you

  • Blah blah f****** blah! Next!

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