Is it possible for kids to get pregnant?

I was just wondering if a girl like say a 6-7 or 8 year old can get pregnant?



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  • It is very possible! The youngest recorded girl who was pregnant was 5 years old! Suprisingly both children lived! Now, To Say you should try is not good, please do NOT try this, as it IS a crime, now, it is good to talk to girls about s**, but please do not have s** with them.

    If you'd like to talk, please email me!

  • I will beat yo ass don’t f*** with a little kid

  • Hi There, You Really have no right to say this, he can do what he wants, it's just not right, but you don't need to give him threats. please stop, it's not nice.

  • Lol look at the tuff man.. if he wants to bang her then it’s his free will to.
    Little girls should be taught at a young age and experience things so f*** off

  • Agreed. Preteen pusssy is best...

  • (Op)
    I see well she’s not gone through puberty yet and we had s.e.x plrnty of times so thought I ask and I don’t wear a condom because I like to blow in the girls

  • That's so nice to hear about you filling them. Beautiful. Put them in cotton lil girl panties so their lil pussu can be soaking in your c** all day.

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  • Depends if they've gone through puberty

  • (Original poster)
    Oh ok... hmmm something has happened with me and a friends daughter when I was babysitting her and she’s 6yold

  • Tell us more or email me and let’s chat

  • Please share. I have stories also...

  • Tell us what u do .i8 virgin a*** and would like to feel a large c*** c** in it i tounch my self there in the a*** i cant stop cuming

  • Only if they have s**

  • 9 year Olds have become pregnant.

  • They can have little that age and trust me..

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