My wife auditions men for s**

My wife and I have a very open sexual relationship, ever since we started dating 5 years ago, she's never stopped f****** other guys. I've grown used to it over time. She says she loves me and wants to be with me forever but she just likes a variety of men and to be f***** a lot, in different ways, by different guys, including me.

Recently she started auditioning men, the only test is they have to be twice the size of my d*** to get a f***, their faces are astonished at the request. Until I strip and reveal I'm barely 3 inches hard. Usually this is met with laughter and they drop their pants to reveal something much bigger. My wife then takes pics of us both together as proof, to show they pass the test. Then they get to f*** her while I watch and w*** off.

Ultimately this is about my wife humiliating me as part of our s** games we play. She loves humiliating me, I love it too. Comparing myself to her huge friends is all part of it. She loves making me f*** her straight after she has f***** someone else so she can't feel me and makes me stop. Yet on a day when it's just us, we have great s** and I can maker o***** in a variety of ways.

Most humiliating was when we went to a nudist beach. When we arrived I hadn't shaved around my c*** for 3 months, my d*** was barely visible if at all. This got lots of mumbled comments. Then half way through I shaved completely and as I would w*** off before heading to the beach, my little c*** got even more looks and laughs. My wife would approach men to f*** and made me look after their stuff on the beach while they stretched me wife out.

I get my fun by f****** in public, usually doggy style near running paths. My wife gets so embaressed but I love it and I c** so hard. We have a great time.

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  • So I sucked off one her guys tonight, he f***** her and she came quick so told me to finish him off, I sucked him for about 10 seconds before he unloaded in my mouth. I almost threw up. My girlfriend made me spit it into her p****, and then made me f*** her. I was raging hard after sucking off her guy

  • IF SHE got off making me suck a much fatter shaft that's nuting in her I think I WOULD go down and see HER grin as my lips start stretching and eyes GET bullging as I turn into a punk in front of her making slurping sounds and drulling as I get manhandled and neck f***** taking video to show everybody then I dream he flips me and takes my tight hole FROM me as I grunt in till he pulls out jerks my limp exosted B**** body FROM the barstool he bent me over and BY the hair of head rames his fat c*** back in my neck then I dream of looking in the GIRL who's caused my sodomizedation eyes as he finish me off with a massive load I swallow then he slams me back on the stool limp and worked over GOOD and reamed out butt hope a GIRL sees this sick dream

  • That sounds so f****** hot.... maybe next time I'll join in and start sucking before stopping and bending over and tell him to f*** me harder than he f***** my wife. Or maybe 2 guys can f*** us at the same time while my d*** is locked up in a cage.

  • Humiliation has gone a step further, my wife got some bi guys to come round, then all measured up and wife made me stroke to feel what a real c*** felt like.

  • My wife makes me lick her c*** after she has been f*****. Which I like but the last one forced me to suck his c*** clean, he got hard again and c** in my mouth and I f****** loved it

  • I want to try that too, want to know what it feels and tastes like, mmmm

  • It was a surprise by t really enjoyed it. He spanked down my throat. It was war and salty. I have now sucked 5 more c**** and love it. I now suck them prior to them f****** and post sucking to get them hard again

  • Wow that's hot, my wife wants me to suck a c*** clean but I'm not sure. I've licked her p**** after she was f***** once. In fact she got me to c** on her t*** after another guy had c** on them and made me lick the, clean in front of her girlfriends.

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