The modest and the s***

I have two sides inside me.
In the first side i want to be a virgin , kind , modest girl with calm personality that hears opera and choral , classical music , with an innocent looking and mind , smile nicely , listening her parents , dressing with long black robes and have distance from men , going to church and pray and have good manners, says to people that s** before marriage is wrong and masturbation a sin, who never m********* and never experience o***** and to look like an innocent angel with modest language and all the parents would like to have a daughter like me .
In my second side i want to be innocent looking too but to be a s*** deep down who doing s** with anyone ,white men , black men , young men , old men , anyone , m********* with huge d***** all the time , dressing like nun and be in a monastery and waiting in a room to get f***** really hard by many men , just lying on bed and anyone who wanted could come and put their p**** deep inside me , inside my v***** and butt at the same time for any times they want and have o****** everyday , all men that i would had s** could e******** on my underwear so when i wear it i can feel their sperm in my v***** and butt , i would have sperm by many men on my underwear all the time , everywhere i go perhaps for shopping i would had their sperm on my underwear and feel it warm , and to had sperm inside my mouth inside my v***** and inside my butt , men would tied me and f*** me hard and spank me h****** the butt any times they want and i would do anything they say and call me w**** and push me down and f*** me and push me and f*** me and push me and f*** me, i would scream that i need them and they would ignore me and only sees me like something that they can satisfy all their sexual , perverted needs , and i would watch men have s** each other and i would be tied begging them to f*** me and i masturbated and e********* while i watched them , and then come to me and sat on my face and put d***** and vibrators inside my v***** and butt, i want to have s** in any place you can think of , I would like to have illegal s** , for example to have s** with my best friend's boyfriend in one room while my best friend is in another room at the same house , or have s** with a married man and next is his wife sleeping , or touching a young boy under the covers while his parents are next to us and know nothing about the pleasure i give to their son , i fantasize that they come thieves in my house and rape me in my balcony in front of my neighbors and see how much i enjoy it , i fantasize i visit jail and there all the pervert men f*** my tight v***** and butt , i fantasize that I am in a bus with a lots of people and I touch and caress my butt on a stranger man's p**** without even see his face and I could feel it inside his clothes and then he take of my pants and underwear and f*** me slowly without anyone else notice what we're doing , i love to caress my v***** and butt on my covers cause I can imagine that it's a kind p**** that came to hug me , i fantasize that i'm in college and be the best student and all the boys with their girlfriends mock me and call me freak and ugly , and at night i would work like a s** worker with other look and the same boys would f*** me repeatedly without know who i am and tell me i am better than their girlfriends,
and i would like to be in a company perhaps of 9 men and afraid to touch me thinking i am too innocent and shy but at the same time in my mind they would deepthroating me and f*** me hard all together again and again.
To be the most innocent looking girl outside and the biggest s*** inside.
and anywhere i went i would take part in threesomes and g********.
Oh God I expressed the s*** inside me
The side I show to people is the first one , the side of the modest innocent looking girl , it doesnt mean that this side is fake but i am so h**** sometimes.

Dec 19, 2017

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  • I wasn’t liking my s e x life. My wife was very seldom in the mood. She’s very modest. I got her some thongs and asked her to wear them for me. She liked herself in them and wanted to have s e x with them on. It was a Sunday. She had them on all day long and we had s e x several times. Next day she wore them to work. She called me in the middle of the day that she was h o r n y. I think I made her find the other side of her self.

  • Good reading. Way to go.

  • Hmmm, I must be the male version of you, seriously!

  • Me love looking a guy to f*** me a gay male

  • Great !

  • This guy read my mind.^
    I'd love to have you as my girlfriend, and probably wife down the road. I could watch you f*** all these other guys, and get off to it. I'd love a relationship like that.

  • I would love watching also you having s** with men if you were my boyfriend , maybe if you were seing me from close you would like me cause i am quiet and shy person but sometimes i am very h**** because i am still a virgin .
    Sometimes i read from here that some daddies sniff and lick underwers of their step-daughters when are already worn and i get so h**** .

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