Snowballing and past lovers

I've been with my fiance for 6 years and I've always been interested in hearing about her past. It wasn't until yesterday did she finally tell me some stories.

She had this boyfriend for a few years. She got really into detail about it. She told me when they were in high school. They went to a party. She got on her knees in the bathroom, sucked his d*** and then they got naked and he bent her over the tub and f***** her in and out of the shower.

I was so turned on, I began to j*******, and she came in the other room and watched me!

In all of that, her telling me. She said I want it to stay in my brain, she also smiled alot when telling me and when she thought about it. I'm curious if I should be worried about that part or turned on. Was she getting turned on thinking about it? Was it something she might wanna do with him again.

To be honest, if she came up to me and told me she ran into him and wanted to f*** him again
I would most likely be okay with it.

Also, we got on the subject of her snowballing me. That turned me on soooo much!

Dec 20, 2017

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  • Why are all these men on here wanting their women to f*** other men? I would love to be in that situation but the man I’m with would leave me forever. I love him but I enjoy f****** strange c***. I’m into women too . What can I do?

  • I really want my wife to f*** another guy!!!!

  • What the h*** is snowballing? I'm too lazy to look it up.

  • I did this with my wife, I was surprised at how many she has had, she put me to shame but I had the biggest h****** of my life as she told me about f****** two men on her hen night and came home and f***** me with their s**** still inside her, what turned her on was me telling her I could smell the s**** from her c*** and her breath as I kissed her.

  • In my experience when it's over its over, unless there some unfinished business.

  • Sounds hot glad she is into it. I like hearing about the d**** my wife sucked, and the ones she spread her legs for.

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