Julian Assange is a rapist

He raped those two women in Sweden. The women never stopped pressing charges but time ran out as he hid from the charges. He is a psycho narcissist that wants to impregnate as many women as possible which is why he raped these women without protection. He was brought up in a white supremacist, that bleached kids hair, a cult that taught him he was Jesus.

Dec 23, 2017

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  • How did you come upon this information?

  • O rly? Any proof?

  • At least one of the women was a known prostitute and had tried the rape thing on before

  • He's a piece of s***, but he's not a raper.

  • Innocent until proven guilty.....

  • That's the problem...he won't leave the embassy to even show up in court BECAUSE HE IS OBVIOUSLY GUILTY. Innocent men would fight for their honor and name, he isn't innocent nor honorable.

  • The b****** wanted it. Clearly.

  • Like your mom.

  • Yes, he alone and unarmed, raped two strong built sober woman. That was a CIA setup...

  • Bullshit. He f***** them and wouldnt wear a condom.

  • He wore one. Just didn't keep it on. If the reports about the dropped charges but not the investigation.
    It's all bullshi. They can interview him many other ways available. But they insist they need to be able to grab him in person. Why else? Black site kidnapping for sure.

  • Why else? He was wanted to stand trial for rape. If he were innocent, he should defend himself in court instead of hiding like a coward. That is the actions of a guilty person.

  • No means no.

  • The woman in question was a prostitute

  • So rape is rape
    i was raped b4

  • The women were NOT prostitutes. Even if they were, they don't deserve to get raped. P*** off.

  • This assange m*** need a beating

  • And you know this for definite, how? Were you one of the supposed Swedish rape victims? Do you know him personally and can accurately make statements based of those experiences? Do you know for definite he dyes his hair that colour? You do realise some people's hair, is that colour naturally? I've encountered numerous people in my lifetime that have a similar hair colour and it's natural.

  • I never said he bleached his hair, where are you getting that from?

    He grew up in a cult that bleached the kid's hair.

  • There's a difference between "Hair dye and hair bleach" I didn't mention "Bleaching" in my original question. However I did raise numerous questions and valid points, aside from the hair dying part.

  • Why mention his present hair at all?

    " Do you know for definite he dyes his hair that colour? You do realise some people's hair, is that colour naturally? I've encountered numerous people in my lifetime that have a similar hair colour and it's natural. "

    You can't dye hair white you r*****.

  • Thank you for restating most of my original and agreeing with me partially. A person can dye their hair white. But that wasn't my point, which is stated in my comment. Obviously, you still didn't fully comprehend my point. But once again, thank you for confirming your degeneracy.

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you :)

  • " Do you know for definite he dyes his hair that colour? "

    Okay, I'll do this step by step for you because obviously you are too stupid to understand, even though you think you're clever. I never stated he dyes or bleaches his hair, at any point, ever. His current hair is white and you could never achieve white hair with hair dye, only bleach. The cult that he was involved with, as a child, bleached all the kid's hair white. There are pictures and testimonials from all the former members that this happened. I hope this isn't too complicated for you to understand, f****** r*****, I used simple words.

  • Aside from the hair dying, of which you seem obsessed about. I did highlight other questions. But for some reason, you've only pinpointed and grasped onto thin straws, regarding his "Hair" I wonder why that is?! Lol

    And thank you, I don't need clarification or insults regarding my intellect - I know I'm clever. But thank you again.

    On a serious note and no offense intended, the term "R*****" is politically incorrect. Because you've used it, you're either from a prehistoric Country or state that haven't updated that terminology. Or it's a result of the social environment you interacted in from a young age. Where I reside it's actually a "Hate crime" to refer to someone as that term. And hate crimes can be reported to the police - seriously.

    On a kind note, all of this is irrelevant compared to - what's actually important and taking precedence in today's contemporary world. What we've wrote is inconsequential and insignificant.

    Thanks for reminding me, of what truly matters in life. These petty comments and confessions - are unimportant :)

    Happy New Year x

  • A hate crime...that's hilarious r*****, report me and good luck with that! :) You're obviously far from clever, to call you a r***** is actually way too kind. You're a degenerate panty sniffer that has been frequenting this site on a daily basis for years, wanking to pedophile and panty sniffing stories.

    Yes I know Julian personally and that's why I hate him. Those two women didn't deserve to be raped nor treated as they were. He needs to locked up, instead he is hiding from charges. He even lied and said he'd turn himself in if they let Bradley Manning go. Julian is not a man of honor, he isn't a man of his word, he is a coward hiding from the world, getting his mom and other women to fight for him while he lives out his life as a keyboard warrior from behind his screen, shaking like a little scared boy.

  • No, he is a hero. A worldwide hero. He will go down in history.

  • He ruined the world, you'll see.

  • Hope you find and when you do, make him pay for what he did!

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