Pamela Anderson is an ugly w****

Who defends rapists like Julian Assange and Harvey Weinstein

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  • Pam can say whatever she wants; that s** tape was kinda neat and no one appreciates her for her mind.

  • I hope she gets raped for acting and dressing like a w****...just like all those women she thinks were asking to get raped from Assange and Weinstein. I'd laugh if she got raped, she deserves it.

  • What's the matter, did your b******* get stuffed with a big d*** and now you're p***** at the world.

  • You're so stupid, you can't even troll effectively. I'm actually embarrassed for you. I imagine no one wants to be around you but when they're forced to, they make excuses to get as far away from you as possible. I know people like you, there is one like you in every workplace...that one person that everyone despises but they keep quiet about because you're too much of a childish a****** that they know it's better to not say anything. When they are in groups, away from you, they all talk about what a piece of s*** you are. One day you'll find out how much you are really hated by everyone.

  • I wasn't trying to troll you f****** idiot. I was replying to the person who hoped Pam Anderson would get raped. Anyone who wishes harm or rape on another person is a piece of s***, and if you made the comment, well then you can go f*** yourself you worthless piece of s***.

  • Yeah right, as if you are morally superior to me who hopes she gets raped! You call people worthless pieces of s***.

    FYI idiot, I hope Pam get's raped because she has no empathy for those who actually do get raped. She deserves it.

  • I am morally superior to you. Because unlike you I don't wish harm on anyone. Karma will get your f****** ass you worthless piece of s***.

  • You don't even understand that you just wished harm upon me you f****** moron....that is just how stupid you are.

  • No, I simply said karma would get you. Big difference from saying "I hope Pam gets raped". Wow, you're not too smart are you?

  • The only way it wouldn't be wishing harm is if you thought I was getting good karma, which clearly you aren't thinking that. I'll take it though....I am getting good karma for taking down you and others that support rapists.

  • Saying "karma would get you" is wishing harm you complete f****** r*****.

  • These b****** spread their legs to jump start their careers in Hollywood and now they want to say Weinstein raped them. What the f***, are people really that f****** stupid to believe these b****** were sexually assaulted. That's like the dumb b**** that is claiming Hugh Hefner sexually assaulted her. Excuse me but you knew what you was getting into.

  • You can't have it both ways, they are complete whores asking or it, like Pamela Anderson, or they are taken advantage of and raped. Checkmate.

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  • She is sexy as all b***** h***, but she's no w****.

  • You write panty sniffing confessions here so you don't count.

  • I’d f*ck her though

  • Agreed. She is hot.

  • You're the same person.

  • They may be the same person (I don't know, and neither do you), but I'm not and I so totally agree: Pam Anderson is effing SCALDING.

  • You write panty sniffing confessions here, you don't count. I can see who posts what.

  • Never sniffed a pantie nor wrote about them. Your mindreading or computerhacking skills suck.

  • Yes you did and I didn't hack, dumb s***.

  • You don't count'd f*** anything on 2 or 4 legs.

  • Who are Julian Assange and Harvey Weinstein? are they in a band with pamelia anderson or on youtube?

  • Who is pamela anderson?

  • Pamela Anderson is the most beautiful woman -- and the most sensual -- who ever lived.

  • You are joking.

  • It's the pervert that writes panty sniffing confessions, he would f*** anything that moved.

  • She defends them because she knows you can't be a victim when you choose to have s** with someone to further your career.

  • What part of rapist don't you get?

  • What part of innocent until proven guilty don't you get?
    How would you like it if someone just decided to accuse you of rape even if you didn't do it?
    Open your eyes, the feminist are at war with all men. Women are NOT a victim when they Choose to have s** with someone. That is what Pam Anderson is saying. Those women chose to have s** with Harvey Weinstein to get their careers going. Now they want to cry rape. F*** that, and f*** those crying feminist b******. They are the ones that are the whores. They could have told Weinstein no and found another production company. They chose s** with him instead.

  • Yeah, tell that to the LAPD who wired a girl to get evidence against him FOR RAPE!

    YOU are the problem with society, YOU are the downfall of all humanity. YOU and S*** W**** C**** like Pamela Anderson have destroyed this world.

    F****** die before you kill us all. I despise you.

  • You, I and anyone else besides the people who actually consented to sleeping with Weinstein and those that didn't - Are the only people that know what really transpired. We shouldn't speculate and assume anything. The victims have spoken. Perhaps the women who "consented" to sleep with him, may speak up too. We never know.

    The truth prevails in the end. Karma I guess :)

    You still made good points in your comment, from my perspective. I understand what you meant completely.

  • Of course the ALL the women are whores....all those evil women were lying, the LAPD was lying, they all faked the recording and evidence against him.



  • You can't rape the willing

  • Why don't you actually inform yourself before protecting a rapist? They have recordings proving he's a rapist.

  • Why don't you let a jury hear all the facts and let them decide if he's guilty or not. You don't know s*** except what the media wants you to hear. And that's a fact!

  • The recording is a fact. Go f*** yourself. I don't listen to the media at all, I have sources.

  • The recording could be fake, and beside that, you can't be sure who is on that recording. So stick that in your ass c** dumpster. You're sources are probably your retarded mother and ignorant father. They made one h*** of a stupid kid.

  • So 80+ women were lying whores according to you. All of Hollywood knew he was a rapist, LAPD knew, they have evidence...but we should believe you instead, some stupid troll who defends rapists. Do us a favor, make the world better place by killing yourself.

  • Again, you don't know s*** except for what the media whats you to know. 80+ women who started their careers by having s** with this man and now they want to play the victim card. They weren't raped, they chose to have s** with him. At least I'm smart enough to see that, unlike your blind stupid ass who believes everything the media tells you. I'm not the only one smart enough to see it, there are many others including people in Hollywood who are saying the same thing as me. So such on that you ball sucking b****!

  • Again, I didn't learn it through the media and you're f****** stupid, don't kid yourself. Please please please put a bullet through your head!

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