Old W**** Pamela Anderson cries about Hugh Hefner dying

Boohoo so sad... s*** Pamela Anderson cries over Satanic CIA Hugh Hefner, the guy who made playboy....like he was a good person? The guy has underground tunnels, ex playboy s**** hate him.


She seems to defend all sorts of disgusting men, including rapist Julian Assange and Harvey Weinstein.

She condemns p*** yet posed for playboy. What a f****** dumb bimbo s***.



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  • What happened to you as a chilf

  • She's not a s***. Not a w****. She's a rare and perfect beauty.

  • Pam Anderson? Definitely NOT a w****.

  • She sells her body for money = w****.

  • As does all the other #metoo women

  • Being raped isn't being a w****. There is a difference d****.

  • Money or career advancement, what's the difference? A w**** is a w****.
    Oh wait, you can't tell the difference between the whores and the ones who were actually raped, they're all saying the same thing. Maybe the actual rape victims should be calling bullshit on the ones who did it for career advancement instead of banding together.

  • Is that all you got? Career advancement? Maybe some of them, not all, for sure. Also, why should a woman be blamed for a F***** UP industry, system and men's F***** UP behavior? What a piece of s*** you accepting this as okay. Go to back to h*** demon.

  • She's entitled to feel loss over whoever she chooses. It's none of your business, and nobody cares what you think. Conversely, at least some people DO care what Pamela Anderson thinks, which is why she was interviewed about the loss of Hugh Hefner, who was a self-made multi-millionaire business man and exceedingly well-known. His loss was news, and so since Pam appeared in his magazine more than once, what she felt about his loss was also a valid sidebar to the primary story. Your observations, however, and just weak and lame and pointless.

  • No one cares what you or Pamela Anderson think either.... or some satanic man that got rich off of manipulating women (not that I care about these women, they're as bad as him). The only people that MIGHT care about Hefner and Anderson are the panty sniffers and pedophiles that frequent this site day after day, like yourself. You're a bunch of sickos.

  • Hugh f***** your momma

  • When you read it out loud, this sounds like "you f***** your momma", which I'm assuming you did.

  • That's because you are f****** ignorant and can't read nor comprehend. Even if it did read "you", that would me you, not me you f****** idiot.

  • Everyone is trolling you now haha, you're a j***.

  • Yes! Totally true! Every word!

  • Hugh Hefner was ok. He liked men as well as women. But then so do I. Pamela Anderson is pretty gorgeous too.

  • Yep, Pam certainly IS pretty gorgeous. A total f****** knockout. Damn!

  • Same person

  • You certainly are, though we all wish you'd change into somebody different. You're boring.

  • We all wish Pamela Anderson would drop dead.

  • No, we don't. Not all of us. In fact, it's only you. And it's only because you're such a raging f*****.

  • Yes I rage against rapists and those who defend them, that's normal and healthy.

  • We also know you are a pedophile, it's only a matter of time before justice is served. I hope you enjoy solitude.

  • You're a panty sniffer, you don't count.

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