Next time Pamela Anderson dresses like a s*** and goes out...

I hope she gets raped. According to her judgement of other women, she should know better not to dress like a w**** and be around men, especially ones like Julian Assange that are violent rapists.

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  • Get over Pam dude

  • No! NO!!! Pamela Anderson is so NOT a w****! Stop saying that! She's amazingly beautiful and talented! Please stop this!

  • Talented lol

  • Yes she's talented. Of COURSE she's talented.

  • Can't imagine why you are so anti-Pam. Wait, yes I can. It's because you're in love with her and don't want people to know. Otherwise, why would you keep criticizing her?

  • Because she is a hypocritical w****.

  • Did you daddy f*** you in your pooper hole?

  • Obviously this happened to you because it came to mind so easily and without cause. I feel sorry for wait...I'm happy you were raped too.

  • Yes your daddy did f*** me in my pooper, that's how I know he f***** you in your pooper too.

  • I was never raped you idiot, you and your father and Assange are rapists.

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