This is true

Every Saturday and Sunday i see a 9 year old boy and sometimes he laugh at me when i loose in a game with him and hit me and touch my butt to hit me there. I do the same to him in a friendly way of course . He see it like a game .
I am 20 year old and this is a true confession i am not a troll .



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  • Learn how to spell a simple word like "Lose", you f****** LOSER.

  • #sickfuck #verysickfuck

  • What's with the disturbing paedophilic confessions of late?!! It's sickening! I've reported a few already, including this one! I thought one of the guidelines/rules for this website, wasn't to submit "Disturbing content like paedophilia"

  • Disturbing!

  • They are not disturbing , jeez they didn't do nothing in action .

  • Whats he like and have you ever seeing him naked.....

  • No unfortunately

  • I haven't see him naked only in my dream and he had a big p****

  • Well you could do as suggested and spill something on his clothes and get him too strip. But fantazie is good......

  • Has anything else happend..

  • Nothing else happens really .

  • Whats he look like. Do you like the game he plays with you. He likes you alot and next time you can put him over your lap and tell him hes naughtie and playfully spank him and i bet he wont argue. Then pull down his little pants and boxers and again playfully spank him and notice his little d*** getting erect and allmost as hard as yours will be.....

  • He is blonde , I think maybe doesn't like me , just like someone to touch him cause every kid deep down likes to be touched by someone . I am a girl . When I first met him and I liked him I have sympathy for him I hugged him from behind and my v***** touch his butt . I was a little sexually aroused , I don't know if he is so innocent to not feel awkward .

  • You do anything lateley too the little hot boy...

  • Did you feel his little pecker as you held him from behind.....

  • I didn't feel his p**** to be honest but I felt his butt , the truth is although his spoiled behavior repel me his butt is very nice

  • Kill yourself please.

  • Why ?

  • He likes you. Has he done anything else. Would you like too go further with him.

  • To be honest no I wouldn't go further with him because sometimes he is spoiled and this repel me .

  • When do you see him again..

  • I saw him yesterday

  • So you want him over your knee......

  • Have you ever seeing him naked and ever tempted too tann his bare little ass when he acts up. How do his parents correct his behaviour.....

  • No I haven't seen him naked but I saw him once in my dream . His parents don't know it . When I first met him I liked him , now his spoiled behavior repel me .

  • How does his parents discipline him. Sounds like he could use a trip over somebodys knee for a pants down little bare butt spanking......

  • He is spoiled his father is far away and his mother has a second baby and I think his mother takes care the second baby most

  • Would you like too strip him and give him a spanking....

  • Yes I would like to give him spanking he has a nice butt for a 9 year old

  • You can do it playfully and make a game off it. What you think and he sounds adoreable..

  • You can make it a playfull game. You ever get too see him naked and what does he look like.....

  • I would have a curriosity to see him naked to be honest , he is blonde .

  • Anything else happen....

  • If your in charge off him at times and there know father there. Maybe his mom would be happy with somebody helping out and haveing a firm hand. He sounds beautifull and would love too see him naked and rubb my hands up and down his cute body as he lay naked on my knee and i prepared too warm up his little preteen ass. I bet his little c*** tastes sweet and feels amazeing in my mouth as i suck him too little boy orgasam and fondle his sweet ass and lube him up and take his tiny rectrum. You can have plenty off chances too get him naked. Maybe spill something on him and get him out off his clothes....

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