You are such an a****** dude. Couldn't you have at least tried to be friends with me? I guess not. I guess the only thing girls are good for is s** and cooking. It doesn't bother me that we had s**. What bothers me is I was nice to you even though you weren't that nice to me. Im definitely done trying to be friends with you at all. So have fun without me at all your parties. I hope you find another girl to f***, and cuddle with even though I was sooo good according to you. Whatever dude you weren't that good and I didn't ever really like you anyways.

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  • just find a new dude to f***

  • glad to help :)

  • ^ We're just doing our job.

    : )

  • wow you guys are all a*******


  • LOL! Google search - f*** buddy

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