S** Fantasy

My wife and I have been married for several years now. We got married right out of high school and we have never had anyone else in our bed. The other night I thought it would be fun if her and I drank some wine and played truth or dare. A few round into the game my wife asked for a truth, so I asked her if she every thought about f****** someone else. She said that she has this fantasy where some stranger come in the house when I am gone and rapes her. She goes on to say how this man has a much much bigger d*** than me and how it's so big that is literally splits her p**** open and she bleeds all over as he continues to f*** her. He finally c*** in her and then leaves the house never to be seen again. Afterward her p**** is so torn up that she no longer feels my d*** and leaves me setting out on a quest to find her strange lover. I was shocked at what she said and we ended up in a big fight. She kept saying that it was just a dumb fantasy and that it didn't mean anything. I disagree, a fantasy is wanting to be f***** by some stranger, but not ending with my wife leaving me to go find her rapist. Am I wrong, can leaving your wife or husband be part of your fantasy?

Dec 30, 2017

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  • Much much bigger? How big are you?

  • Dude, don't f*** this up. Your wife is awesome. This dark fantasy doesn't mean she actually wants to leave you. But it does say she has a twisted imagination. A woman like that can be so much fun, she has dark desires that could let you experience great role plays. You shouldn't fight, you should apologize for your behavior and work out this rape fantasy and myriads of other sexual games she hasn't even thought about yet.

  • A fantasy is that of ones desire, so yes she very well could want to leave him. How would you like it if your spouse told you they were thinking about leaving you? I'm guessing you wouldn't like it very well.

  • Fantasizing about f****** somebody else doesn't mean you want to leave. Even going ahead and f****** somebody else doesn't mean you want to leave. Chill out and open your mind.

  • If you can't play the game, why play at all? You suggested the game and lost. Sore loser, go back to mommy!

  • You missed the whole point. He didn't lose anything as this game can't be won or lost, only played.
    He's upset because his wife's fantasy is to actually leave him. I can understand why he's upset. Too bad you lack the mental capacity to understand the OP.

  • Yes, you are wrong. She just wants go be f***** by another man, doesn't mean you doesn't love you.

  • I would agree with you except her fantasy involves her actually leaving me. She can't love me if the fantasy is to leave me. That's the part she doesn't get either. A fantasy can involve her f****** another guy but not leaving me. That just means she doesn't love me and wants to leave.

  • You are acting like you want her to leave by seizing on a whimful fantasy while insisting that a day dream is the truth.

    If you keep acting like you are you can bet she has imagined murdering you. WI'll that happen?

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