i post my girlfriends nude pictures online

i cant help it, i get a rush, and love knowing guys are looking at her, seeing her naked and seeing her face. after its done i chicken out and take them down. but now its the only way i can get off solo. i feel like crap afterwards everytime, exploiting her like that.

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  • Let’s share photos guys you will love my girl ;)

  • I do the same thing. I’m past feeling guilty though. Her pics are on a few different sites and I’m always posting them in more places. It’s so f****** hot.

  • What are the best sites - non pay where you can get the most comments - including extreme ? its such a turn on. dont use swapsmut becuase once you post you cannot remove. I need full control !

  • Would you like to swap pics? Bajo499@gmail

  • Yes haroldlarsen69.hll@gmail.com

  • I got off a few times on photo sharing sites with other guys commenting and jerking to my ex. Yes the guilt kicks in, but the ball draining experience it worth it.

  • Which are the best sites ?

  • Guys are you willing to make a chat group where we can share our gf's pics? my gf is a filipina btw :)

  • Im in

  • I'm in!

  • I've posted naked and near-naked shots of my hot older sister, then taken them down after she sees them. "I said these better not end up on the net!" she'll jokingly yell at me. Once she knows I've had her on digital display, I delete. Until next time. She does keep coming back for more, though..

  • How did you start getting to take nude pics of your sister. Love to hear about it please email me at Tjay761@hotmail.com

  • I do it too man, the only difference is I got past feeling like crap, because it's even hotter knowing 4000+ people have seen her and liked it, she's front page on Google Images under certain search parameters and her pics have been taken and shared on numerous other sites and she has no idea... It's great :D

  • What name?

  • If she lets you take pics of her nude then maybe she is hoping that you will show them to other guys or post them on the net anyway. My husband took some pics of me nude and he asked if he could post them on a amateur photo sharing site, i was so happy to know he wanted to show me off to the world. Now we share all the pics he takes of me on my own personal site and i love it. You can see them at http://htnsxc1.peperonity.com & its free guys.

  • There's nothing more exciting that seeing my wife f****** with others.

  • Nothing wrong with that. I let my friends have s** with my wife once in awhile.
    Sharing your woman is a real turn on.

  • That's totally annihilating the meaning and point of marriage. :/

  • b****... you're the one doing this to me? i can't belive you!

  • bum her. and stop.

  • Why not post yourself jerking off - you might enjoy seeing your small d*** on the internet

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