Stepdaughter’s panties

I snuck into my 18yo stepdaughters room and found a pair of her Victoria’s Secret panties. They had some cream on them and I inhaled her lovely teenage p**** smell. I used some water to mix her juices back up and then rubbed them all over my c*** and then sucked her panties dry while I had a w***. They tasted so good. Then I put them back for next time.

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  • Hope her mother catches you and kills you.

  • I agree with that

  • You have no idea how intoxicating the smell of young healthy p**** juice is. I found another pair and moistens up the crotch gusset so her lovely sticky girl secretions were all moist again and rubbed them on my throbbing c*** and sucked the pair dry of its c*** nectar. Just try it once. You’ll be hooked.

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