I like to fantasize being black, I never really liked being white. Some people say I'm ignorant and stupid when I try to flow with black people but I cannot help it



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  • So you are white and want to be black yet you title your confession with a racial slur for black people. Obviously you don't hang with any black people or you would know that acting black still doesn't make you black, and using that slur will still get your ass beat.
    Really I think you're just a troll and your post is bullshit.

  • Good Black people are the greatest race on the planet and the most copied people of all time the best actors, athletes, musicians, and scholars, were and are black and when black panther come out next month its gonna make a billion BLACK POWERRRRRRR

  • You people are f****** stupid. We all have the same f****** DNA for starters. Plus black people cry about whites being racist, yet they are biggest offenders of racism. f****** racist p****.

  • It's true, blacks will hate on darker blacks and talk jealous bullshit against lighter blacks. They parse shades of color as well as color. But it's ONLY wypipo who be racist. Yeah, whatthefuckever, losers. Get over your fool selves and take a shot at sharing this terminal planet with everyone else. You ain't all that, no matter how much gold you rock or how long your weave is. Put your damn priorities right, and shut up until you do!

  • YES

  • Idiot.


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  • Kill yourself, no self respecting human would wish to be black...

  • What is with you and telling everyone to kill themself? It makes you sound like a f****** idiot.
    Oh look at me, I'm too f****** stupid to think of anything intelligent to say so I'll just say kill yourself.
    What a f****** idiot.

  • Probably the same troll who just wrote a post saying they wished they were white.

  • Learn to spell

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