G******* impregnation

I am a 28 yr old single white female. I want to have a child but not looking for a bf or husband. I was dicussing it with a friend of mine and she suggested having an impregnation ganbang. She knows of a guy who arranges these gatherings. At first I was not sure if I would want that but now I am very turned on by the Idea. I am thinnking about contscting the guy and having him set it up for me.

Jan 4, 2018

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  • That sounds amazing. You wouldn't know which one was daddy. Enjoy yourself.

  • Come, I will impregante you.

  • I personally love black women, they just sexier than any other women. I love to pleasure a sexy black woman because they worth it, deserve it, their smarter and i also like the fact that they are stealing a white boy away from white white wo.en, because i feel about 80% of them are jealous, racist, and resentful. I personally love a beautiful Nubian Princess. I have and want to kiss passionately a beautiful black woman in front of millions of white women, lol. There u have it.

  • Email me and I'll show you what I've got to impregnate you.

  • You can't get pregnant as a teenage boy living at mommy and daddys place trolling people on the internet.

  • No you can't but a woman like me can

  • How many guys would they be in this ganbang ?

  • I am not sure i was thinking 10 or 15

  • My wife had 0 and she got sore, they did not care they f***** her all night did not pregnant.....we will try again she liked it...

  • Better 15 . i hope they have s** with from front and behind at the same time !

  • You*

  • Then you will like it so much that you will want it all the time . It's really a turn on to have so many penises inside you .

  • I wouldn't want to dip my wick along with a bunch of other guys -- you'd get a baby, and I'd get an STD.

  • Let me guess, they're all black.

  • No not at all

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