Love p****

My wife has the best p**** I have ever f*****. She is hot and has big f****** t***. I would f*** her every single day, multiple times if she would let me. I find myself always looking at her t*** even when we are not having s**. I have had several girlfriends over the years, but none that I wanted to f*** every single day multiple times a day. I'm confused why I can't get enough s** from this woman. I have nude video and pictures of us f****** and I regularly m********* to our videos. I don't understand why I feel this way. Is there really such a thing as love potion? Could my wife have used it on me before we got together?

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  • It’s amazing you feel this way about your wife 😭 hope i find a man like you

  • I can be that man who fantasies to f*** you multiple times a day and have crazy s** hard, fast n deep... ;)

  • Yea I no its good I,had some in your drive way

  • I know, I wanted you to f*** her as I watched from the bedroom window. Only problem is my wife said you have a micro d*** and couldn't f*** worth a s***. So she won't be f****** you again. I don't blame her, it wasn't a very good show when you finished in less than a minute.

  • Would you like me to do the job for you ?

  • Maybe you should learn how to spell before you troll people. "know", "It's", space after the comma, and driveway is one word. Also, although "yea" is a form of yes, it's typically only uses as a yea or nay in formal voting. You wanted yeah as in "yeah I know". Happy trolling!

  • No trolling big boy just beating that p**** up,for yea ::::))))))

  • Not the OP dumbass. And the only thing you're beating is your tiny pecker.

  • There isn't a love potion, you just love f****** her. I feel the same about my wife, we have been married for 35yrs and still get a h****** just looking at her. She also has huge t*** and she just wants to f*** am the time as well

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