Dog lover

So yes, as the title provides, i am a certified dog lover. We almost have 20 dogs in our house.
anyway, one night as i was driving home, it was really dark since it was already around 11:30 PM. i was passing through this road that went downhill so ofcourse the car went faster than it should have. a puppy then started to cross! i hit the brakes so hard! i was able to stop for a second or two then i didnt know what came into me or maybe it was fear or shock that i migh have hit the dog, i started up the car then i heard the puppy crying:(((( omg. i THINK I MIGHT HAVE HIT the dog :((( I couldnt bear to look and stop to check on the puppy. I just couldnt. so i sprinted. upon arriving home, my heart was beating so fast :( i checked the car, nothing was wrong. my friend said if i had a dent or something, i must have really ran over it. but since nothing was wrong, maybe it was just the paw or its foot. but still, it breaks my heart šŸ’”šŸ’”šŸ’” specially knowing that i could have done something :((( I really dont know what came into me :((( huhuhu

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  • Hold up. You're a dog "lover", but you just couldn't stop to see if an innocent puppy was hurt, perhaps fatally?

    You're a coward and a hypocrite. I feel sorry for any living being on the receiving end of YOUR "love".

  • Also, *20* dogs? Betch, you're a hoarder, not a lover. Go die somewhere.

  • Http://

  • Yiff them

  • Bet you can't go anywhere if you wanted to. To much to board that many dogs and who would ever stay over to care for them with all that barking, hair all over everything and smells like your house has got to.

  • Being a service guy in a lot of homes I know this, if it's under knee high then it's a carpet pi$$er. Gawd your house must reek. One of those homeowners that become nose blind to the stench.

  • Dogs are far better than humans, to be sure. The humans who care for them are better people than most people too.

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