Aunt and cousin saw me nude

When I was about 16 my mom and I took an apartment across from my aunt and her daughter, who is my age. We go to the same school. My mom had a job as a nurse in a hospital and worked weird hours. Most of the time when I got home from school she was gone to work. Both my cousin and I need to get medical exams for the teams we were on. So my aunt took us to our doctor to get the exam.
When our names were called the 3 of us were placed in an exam room. The young nurse said that I would be examined first and that I should strip down. As she left she said she be right back. I felt embarrassed get undressed in front of my aunt and cousin. I stripped to my underpants. When the nurse came back she told me to get on the scale. Then said I told you to strip and she pulled down my undies. I got hard. My cousin gasped and giggled and my aunt smiled. There i was totally naked in front of 3 females. Just then the doctor, also a female, walked in. She told me to sit on the exam table.
My cousin had a great view of me nude. The doctor did her exam then she made me lay back and spread my legs.Then she proceeded to exam ine my testicles and p****. She then pulled back my foreskin and said, "Young man you need to clean you p**** better." The she told my aunt and cousin to take a look at the build up of sweat, urine, c**, which wasn't cleaned properly. She asked the nurse to show my aunt and cousin how it was to be cleaned. The said "make sure he cleans under the foreskin everyday or he's going to get an infection. He can also be circumcised." Everyday after school either my aunt or my cousin would inspect my p**** to make sure it was clean and if not they would do it.

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  • I'm calling bullshit here

  • I would make sure to not clean it well, so the cousin has to clean it, with direction of the aunt, mmmm

  • All the responses to this stupid post are correct and from people who are smart to call the bull crap card. Your sick because you want to s**** your aunt and your cusin. Your a sick f..k

  • You're probably the OP

  • A female doctor would not strip a teenage boy down in front of two other female relatives. Quit posting fantasy bullshit.

  • Wishful thinking on his part. The only reason a doctor has a male drop their underwear is so they can check for a hernia. Then they only place their fingers against your groin, not your testicles. And they never inspect your p**** unless there is a problem and you ask them look at it.
    So yeah, this post is bullshit.

  • Only in your dreams little boy, only in your dreams.

  • It is pretty well a fantasy, eh? If people are suing men for Un wanted touching, you can charge them easily.

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