Hey f*******.

Ever since you moved, you've just been a total a******.
I don't even know who you are anymore.
I can honestly say that I hate you, and have no regrets whatsoever.
Yell at me one more f****** time,
and I'll f****** kick your ass.
I don't even WANT to know who you are.
You treat me like a f****** monster because I tell you that I on't even matter to you anymore.
You can go f*** yourself,
and I'll be looking forward to leaving you with no note, and no inication of where I've gone.
Get hit by a bus, you sissy b****.
I can't see you going anywhere with your life, and I on't feel badly at all for you. I hide the fact that we're together from people, because everyone hates you, and so do I.
No one even reply to this,
it was jsut a rant that hopefully,
I'll tell him one day.

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