So guess what, a******,

I just wanted you to know,
I hate you,
and I was faking everytime,
because you were so bad,
I wanted you to just stop.
I didn't think I was that good of an actress.

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  • you should of just pre-lubbed your ass like a real woman would..

  • LOL.
    It's funny,
    because I know you have no idea
    who I am
    and I guarantee that who I wrote this to,
    would never say things like that to me.
    But it was funny, though.

    And maybe it would have been wet,
    if he hadn't just cut to the chase,
    and got what he wanted.

  • So guess what, b****,

    I just wanted you to know,
    I hate you too,
    You had a wet hole,
    and that was all I was there for.
    You're not that good of an actress,
    but it doesn't matter.
    I got off.

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