I want to f*** a woman honestly

I’m attractive I’m not b**** i work out 5’5 long black hair, nice t***, a built booty from the gym and I’m So very attracted to men, I’ve only had s** with a couple of guys and i love it, it feels good. My favorite is getting eaten out, I’m 22 and i constantly fantasize about being with a woman, so much so that i asked my boyfriend if we could watch p*** while having s** “to spice things up” just so i could watch some girl on girl things. I don’t personally know any girls to hook up with but god if i did I’d kiss every inch of her body and I’d burry my face in her p**** and I’d have her do the same id have her get on top of me and put her p**** on mine and ride me til i c**. I want it bad

Jan 16, 2018

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  • I am 22 and I constantly feel the same way. My boyfriend has no objection but i don't know anyone who is bi

  • I'm a mature bi woman and been married for 25years my lovely husband is very tolerant of my lesbian affairs, over the last 10yes. I love hi in and love him f****** me but adore girl on girl as well. My latest girl friend is 35 and very feminine with huge t***, my past lover's have been b**** dominant woman but I love my new lipstick l****, the problem is my husband wants to f*** her and I'm jealous, she's mine

  • I'll give you my wife as long as i can watch and m*********. Maybe i can have a taste of your flower too with my wife watching. Love it and the idea. Burgerchillo@gmail.com

  • I am a straight married man. Sometimes i wonder what it would feel like to rub & suck a big stiff hard c*** and taste his come in my mouth. It would be even better with his wife watching. I also love masturbating to woman if they're game. My email is burgerchillo@gmail.com . I'll give my wife for any girl to play with if i can play with her husbands thick thing. Just once, maybe i'll like it. And i'll suck his wife also if she wants that. Write me and let's play seriously at the best s** ever.

  • I'm a straight guy. But rubbing and sucking c*** is pretty awesome. Not into dudes, but a h****** is fun to play with.

  • I’m a straight woman but I’ve been with girls too. It’s so nice to have my p**** eaten by a woman. Especially if they lick my c*** and finger f*** me. Best o****** I’ve ever had. Even just deep kissing a girl while a c*** is inside me is so hot. Just try it. Most men are into watching two girls eat each other. I say try it at least once in your lifetime.

  • I'd love watching a woman with another girl while i w*** my d***. Send me some pics & i'll w*** for you on video. burgerchillo@gmail.com

  • I would love to watch you suck my wife and me masturbating like mad. Email me at burgerchillo@gmail.com . I promise you great times lady.

  • Burgerboy will finally shut the F up with the begging for gawds sake!

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