I won't a girl to kick me in the b****

I like to were skirts and no underwear I have lose and sensitive b**** I have never been kicked in the nuts l would like a girl to kick me in the nuts I won't to experience it once I hopeI get a girl to kick me in nuts as hard as she could I need a hard kick in the nuts

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  • You don't want to experience it, take it from a guy who has been whacked in the sack multiple times, you don't want it and if you do, I don't judge

  • As the guy below, I let my girlfriend do this to me, as my wife doesn't like dirty stuff like this.

    My girlfriend is more like my mistress, she shouts at me until I get naked, yells at me for all sorts and "punishes" me by kicking my b**** in her leather boots.

    Sometimes she'll make me dress in her clothes and underwear. Then after we either have wild s** or she makes me eater her p**** out and makes me w*** over her boots and lick it all up.

  • I'm what's known as a submissive husband. One of the things my wife does is kick me in the b****.

    I have to stand there with my hands on my head and she will do a big hard kick.

    Another thing she does is tie me naked spread eagle on the bed. Then she'll squeeze my b****. I'll be crying and begging her to stop.

    Then she'll m********* herself

  • Have fun with your rupture

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