Been j********** to my 8,yr old daughter panties



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  • I want nasty hot s** with a hot as f*** 18 or any hottest woman that will take me with luscious c** on my fack I want some bad and I'm so horn now a d I try something I'm want to do is g******* good nasty lovhot s*** that want it as mus S me so com on baby and do me any wNu want me.too. its just been way to long 5 years and I just wNt to do u in all kinds d o fun way thT u probably kidnap me and have me any time and way damnit I'm turning myself on f*** it it me being without a hot woman for. Long time cause me to get like this I'm so hot and got ha large and rock f****** hard c*** at any hot takers whose ready to be the happiest h**** woman on this plant and bring friends too I want to do this also never tried it but sure enough I've stroked my co k off its quit stimulation if one watched the guy banging her or both doing g her hot and nasy I'll berry my face 8m so crazy h**** but being truthful to. I lasso if I had one would love t watch u do her nasy and lustful of having off all over her face. Damnit ok if u wNt me 8m actually a nice guy that's gotten more open minded about hot things to do

  • I take my granddaughters off her and have her watch me c** while I sniff, lick and c** in hers

  • Something I did as well. I still do even though she is grown. I now do with granddaughters. I enjoy my nieces and friends as well.

  • I think most dads do. Most just will not admit doing so.

  • I do it allll the time, a 9 and 14 year old. I'm not going to lie, it's the best-smelling p**** I've EVER had the pleasure of sniffing.

  • Ready to f*** too

  • Just popped my nine year old cousins cherries. Im sleeping with her eleven year old since she nine also. Their bought so tight and love playing with my c***...

  • F***** mine when she was 8 I love young c***

  • My niece is nearly eleven and she and her mom. Who's my sister live with me. I'm telling you she's got the tightest and sweetest hairless p**** ever and yes she came onto me over a year ago and now loves me fingering and licking her little p**** and putting my c*** a copil off inches in her preteen p**** and Cummings in her. Her little face is amazing as fill her with my cumm and such on her budding chest and yes her panties have always got some amazing little stains and taste and smell amazing.

  • The fact that you even thought this is sick. I think you need some help.

  • You need your d*** cut off just for thinking of this you twisted f*****.

  • Why they can experience pleasure from eight on.

  • You need to be chemically and physically castrated you mongrel dog. Don't dive past an all girl's school either, keep 5 miles away from each of them

  • Ever see her naked and whats her little p**** look like.......

  • Share a picture

  • We have three daughters and nothing Sevier than seeing them naked all time and playing with them. Their under thirteen years old and love daddy playing with them...

  • Do you use vibrators on them.

  • Just my c*** they love getting f*****

  • There is something seriously wrong with you, I hope for your daughters sake that you never progress with this fantasy. You will cause unimaginable and irreversible damage to your daughters, so please either get help or hand yourself in somewhere, but do not destroy their lives for your sexual gratification, or any other kids.

  • This is some bloke playing out his sexual fantasy on here............... SURE YOU DO. like f*** you don't

  • Disgusting. So totally disgusting.

  • #verysickfuck

  • You’re sick piece of s***

  • Fúcked up...

  • Are you there...

  • You going to jail. you going to die.

  • What she look like. We have three daughters..

  • To bad for them

  • Whys that...

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