I sucked My first c***

I am a 28 year old male and I sucked my first c*** 3 weeks ago...I had been curious for years..even before I got married.I am married with two girls..No one knows that I love sucking c***..I have all ways wanted to know what it would be like suck another mans c***..I found out 3 weeks ago ..I was so nervous, I had met the man on Craigslist he was very nice and made me feel at ease as he had me touch and rub his c*** I got so turned on as his c*** got so hard in my hand it looked so beautiful..I finally got up my nerve and stated to kiss it and then I put it into my mouth OMG within a min. or so it felt so normal for me to be sucking his hard c*** ..I did not want it to end but it did ass he came so hard into my mouth I chocked a little but OMG I loved it ..I know now I am a c*** sucker for life..I know now what a woman feels..

Feb 5, 2018

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  • ....pretty soon you wont recognize yourself without a c*** in your mouth......

  • By the end of February, you will have sucked five more d****, and they will have all stuck them in your ass. By the end of the year, you won't have any idea how many you've sucked or been f***** by: you'll just want more. And you'll keep getting more. You won't even be able to remember your wife's and daughters' names. But you will be a magnificent c*** s*** and cumdump.

  • Try straightening your divorce.

  • Stop it!

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