Wife and daughter and power

My wife gets certain ideas and becomes absolutely extreme about them.

She's become a rabid feminist. When our daughter was a Baby my wife would breast feed in public and give anyone who commented a lecture.

She wants our daughter to be feminine and tough at the same time. So she enrolles her in sports like soccer and kick boxing. In between though she makes the girl wear mini skirts and bikinis and show off her body.

Me and the kid are totally powerless. She's killed both our spirits. So in the end she won't have the confident daughter she so desperately wants.

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  • Someday my "sisters" will get the memo that you don't have to turn into an "it's all about me" cuntwhistle to be a "strong woman". There's a huge difference between confidence and getting up in everyone else's face. It takes intelligence to distinguish between the two, but most women are too busy pushing out f*** trophies and buying Jimmy Choo pumps to develop their brains.

  • My wife is like that, and I am glad she takes control...less stress on me!

  • The problem with feminism is women have lost all sense of modesty, sleep with guy after guy to show how independent and powerful they are. Walk around with there breast popping out and skirts so short their ass cheeks are showing ,then call men pigs because they look . The truth is they have lost their power . When I was young you had to work to get p**** today woman give it away so easily it has lost its value. lol

  • So in other words, they've become men. Hypocritical much, incel?

  • Flop out t*** in public for attention seeking show off. sure. can see them being awful disgusting child women for life.

  • That is why some men grab their woman by the head and face f*** them. Others grab them by the hips and f*** them in the ass. You got to be a man and f*** that feminism out of her.

  • You are sooooooo right. She won't have the confident daughter she so desperately wants: she'll have a very confused lesbian. And your nightmare will become permanent.

  • The weird thing is I really don't have strong thoughts on my daughter's sexual orientation. I feel depressed which is selfish I know. It's so energy draining to argue and if I make a comment about clothes I'll get a lecture about women's rights or body shaming.

  • You do know your wife is a b i t c h don't you?

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