My Cock, My Step Sister and Her Friends

Every guy with a sister needs to take note of a experience of mine that occurred to us when we were young hundreds of moons ago. I was 16 when my step-sister had two of her 12 year old friends spending the nights at my house one summer during the weekend. I had a few sexual experience but none included going all the way with the girl. Most was rubbing under bras, over panties, fingering a little at the movies and getting a few hands jobs. Typically trying to score sexual moves. I didn't think I had done to bad by this point. I know I also practiced a lot with my own hand. It wasn't until my step sister had her two classmates stay with us one weekend. I called them the J girls. Jennifer, Julie and my sister Jillian(Jilly). The Friday they arrived the girls were full of giggles and laughter. Blonde skinny girls developing quickly each day. All three had a mouthful of breast already on their chest. Not large, but you could probably get them charged by the tiny size of there boobs. Noticing them I took my "maybe" I can lay a "virgin" with one of my sisters friends that weekend. After scoping them out it appeared Jennifer was my best bet since I had discovered she was staying til Sunday. I also knew my parents would be away Saturday for most of the day and evening so I would be working to accomplish my mission as fast and careful as I could. That night the girls were mostly in "pj" tops and bottoms and nothing really occurred but me being as nice as possible. My parents were there anyways so I knew that night was a throw away, get to know them type evening. I focused on Jennifer even though she had the smallest breast of the three, she was staying longer. We watched Tv late and I tried to be as cool as possible with them. They would tell Jilly she had a neat brother. The following day began with clouds and rain, my parents were gone by 10am and not expected to return until 8 that night. The girls had awaken all wearing t-shirts and shorts. Jennifer had white nylon shorts on, my sister yellow and Julie's were black. Julie was gone by 12 noon so as soon as she was gone I sprung my plan into action. I tell the girls let's go to the backyard and mess around in the rain. They both agreed and within minutes the light rain had us all drenched. I could tell Jennifer had stripe panties under her shorts and Jillys had flowers. I was in blue jean type shorts so I was not as soaked as them. A huge down pour of rain with thunder arrived and I told the girls we better go inside. When we got to the covered porch I told the girls my shorts aren't dripping let me go inside and get towels as I removed the dripping shirt I had on. Coming back from quickly getting the towels I told the girls to remove their shorts and shirts outside so we wouldn't get the carpet wet, that our mom would be mad we were messing around in the rain. They both looked at me and I say to them you all are wearing bra and panties underneath, those cover more than a bikini. I say to Jilly I have seen you in your bra and panties many times already anyways. Jilly starts to remove her shirt and says I can't say anything to mom or dad and says to Jennifer it's ok, we don't want to get in trouble. Jennifer starts to remove her shirt and then her shorts. Once both girls are in bra and panties I hand them towels for them to dry themselves. As they get inside I ask Jennifer if she has more bra and panties she can wear that I need to dry their wet clothes so no one will know we were in the rain. She says yes and I tell Jilly for her and Jennifer to go and change into dry clothes as I pick up there wet shorts and shirts and tell them to hurry up and bring me their wet bra and panties so I can dry everything all at once. After they have change the girls bring me there wet bra and panties for me to dry and I tell them I am going to order pizza for lunch. It is past 1 when the pizza arrives and we began to eat when I hear the dryer buzz go off, I don't think the girls have noticed it so I don't mention it. When we are done eating the girls go to Jilly's room and I go to the dryer and get the girls clothes together. I already know Jennifer wears pretty cool bra and panties and finally take notice that my mom is buying Jilly sexy panties as well. I take the clothes to the girls in Jillys room and when I hand Jennifer her clothes I tell her she wears cute panties, she smiles and says thanks. I look at both girls and say to them if they have seen a guys cock yet. They both say no. I then say if I show them mine first that I want to see their pussy also. Jilly quickly says ok and Jennifer says I guess. I tell them they can't say anything to anyone and push my shorts down and then my underwear, their eyes pop out of their sockets it seems. I have been measuring my shaft since I was 13 and it is finally 7 inches long. I then say it's time for them to show me theirs and for them to take there clothes off. Jennifer says to Jillian let's take our shirts off at the same time and they agree. My sister does not have much more then Jennifer on top, I say to them now the shorts, the girls peel their shorts down and Jennifer is in pink bikini panties and Jillys are yellow. I say to them all they have to do now is push their panties aside so I can see. Both girls agree and do as I request. The girls move their panties to the side and I can easily tell they are both bald inside their panties. I tell them that's enough of playing games because we don't know when our parents are coming. I sense Jennifer is kinda horny and maybe I can try and get her in my room that night. I was right, my parents called and said they would be arriving sooner than expected. We all end up going for dinner at Olive Garden and when Jennifer says she needs to go to the restroom I say I need to as well and follow her. I say Jennifer you want to try and sneak into my room later tonight, she says how if I am with Jilly. I say tell her you are tired and get Jilly to go to bed. I will go and get you when my parents are asleep. To my delight Jennifer says ok!! Our rooms are downstairs and my parents are upstairs, the hard part will be getting Jilly to fall asleep. The lights go off in Jillys room around 9:30, a little bit longer in my parents. I make my move at 11, I turn the hallway lights on and gently open the door to Jillys room and notice Jennifer's head pop up, I whisper is Jilly asleep, she says she thinks so, I say come on. As she starts to get out of the bed I walk closer to her sonI can hold her by the hand and tell her not to close the door as we go to my room. I turn the lights to the hall off as we entered my room. I kinda knew Jennifer would come. She had that certain look in her eyes earlier in the day when I showed them my cock. Jennifer was in a pink nightie and had the same white bra and pink bikini panties that I had seen her in earlier. I could see the outline of her bra thru the nightie and the nightie didn't cover all of her panties as we walked into my room. I made sure the light was on in my room, I was determine to see every bit of her without anything on. I sat her on the bed and I said let me take my pjs off. She says ok. Standing in front of her I remove my shirt and tell her if she's ok with this. She shakes her head yes. I drop my bottoms down and my cock is already rigid. She says to me its so big and long. I say want to hold it and reach for her wrist and guide her hand to my shaft not waiting for her to say yes or no. She says she's never done anything with a guy yet, I say that's ok, I have on,y done a little as well. I put my hands on her shoulders and say lay back let me show her. I push her where her head hits the pillow, she hasn't let go of my cock, I put a hand on the center of her panties and as I slowly start to rub, I sense her putting her legs together. I say it's ok, that she will want them open in a few minutes as I move my hand further down over her panties. She softly says Kevin what if Jilly comes looking for her. I say she won't and move one of my knees between her legs to get her to open them apart as I continue to rub more aggressively over the center of her panties. I move her hand away from my cock and get my whole body between her legs and move them further apart with my knees. I kiss her between her blue eyes, then a soft kiss on her lips. I push her panties inside her opening with my fingers. I push my body closer to hers and move my hands to her waist and push her up to where my cock lays up against her panties. I let go of my hands from her waist and move them to unbutton her gown. I start from the bottom button and work my way up. After I undo the final button I push the gown apart and with my hands take each breast and gently squeeze her boobs over her bra. I start to dry hump at the same time, just her panties in the way between my 7 inch cock. I already know her bra clasps in the front, I undo it and push each cup aside. I hold them with my hands and squeeze them more, I then move my mouth to one and gently suck a nipple and then bite it. She says Kevin and I say don't make any noise Jennifer as I move away from her breast and move one hand to push her panties aside and take the head of my shaft with my other hand to hit the entrance of her pussy. I grab the sides of her panties and get them off. I feel her opening and slowly push my head in and feel it going in her. I say to her that I am going to push it all the way in but slowly. She struggles to say ok as I do as I say. I trust my hips forward towards her to make sure she has taken all of me inside her hole. I say for her to hold on that I already got it all the way in her pussy, her forehead and belly area is sweating. I can feel her warm skin with mine. I softly say out loud it's time Jennifer and I slowly pull my cock out from her pussy and then quickly trust back and forth pumping her hole. It doesn't take long until we are done!! Jilly will be next 2 days later.

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