From Middle School Cheerleader to College s***

I made my first cheerleading squad when I was in middle school, I was one of the youngest on my team when I first started. I am now a college cheerleader for a university team. How time flies from that shy blond little girl to a busty h**** queen. I like guys a lot!! I guess it started for me when I met Linda, she was the Captain of our team when I made my first squad. By my first year mid season game, Linda's yelling partner moved unexpectedly so she asked me to be her hold up partner since I was light and skinny. I didn't even think our captain knew my name. Linda was a few years older than me, her mom had held her back in the 2nd grade. I was one of the babies in my class being born in June. When I did a yell with Linda after we are done with it she whispers in my ears, Kami, your pink panties are showing out of your bloomers, you wear panties under them? I say yes to her and adjust my panties and push them inside my bloomers. The following week at practice Linda ask me as her permanate partner and I gladly say ok that I would.
At the next Saturday game when I say hi to Linda, I rarely see her at school, we are two grades apart she replies hi and says Kami are you wearing panties today under your bloomers? I say yes. She says Kami why? I say I have never gone without panties off. Linda says it's easy. I then say I don't know what my mom will say? She says then don't tell her, she won't know one way or another. I just giggle and say let's go put our yell horns down. She follows me and says well you may have to next week because our new uniforms are coming and the bloomers are white, that every polka dot, stripe, or flower will probably show right thru. We get with the other girls and Linda starts to take pictures of all us cheerleaders together. The following Tuesday at practice we get our new uniforms and Linda was right, the bloomers for under our skirts were white. We all start to change for practice and as I pull down my jeans to put shorts on she says Kami you look cute in cartoon panties. I had on a pair of Bugs Bunny underwear, she pushes her jeans off and says her mom lets her wear thongs already and all the other girls go WhooHoo!! As Linda shows us the thong panties she has on. That afternoon when I get home I show mom my uniform and she says Kami your probably going to need solid white underwear to wear under those, I wanted to say I will just go without panties the way Linda does, but couldn't find the courage to get the words to come out. Thursday after practice as we are waiting for parents to pick us up Linda asks me If I can spend the night with her Friday and I can go with her to the game on Saturday. I say I don't know, but that it sounded like fun. She says let's ask our moms when they get here. We ask our parents and they agree. Mom and I go and shop for white panties and I ask if I can get bikini style, my mom says Kami your not even 12 yet, I say just a couple mom, that Linda wears thongs already. My mom says and she's also 3 years older than you, she eventually gives in to a solid white, yellow and baby blue set of bikini panties, practically my first sets, I am excited!! But the next day would be become more exciting and interesting. The next day I pack my bags to stay at Linda's, I make sure I have my uniform. Her mom gets us after school and we go shopping for dinner and have a lot of fun eating in there backyard. When we get ready for to turn in for the evening we go to Linda's room and I start to unpack my things. As I take out my uniform the white panties fall out and Linda says your still going to wear panties tomorrow? I say yes that my mom got me pure white bikini panties. Linda says the lines will still show thru. I say you think? She says yes!! I'll show you, take your jeans off and put the bloomers on. Luickily I had chosen to wear those new yellow bikini panties mom had gotten me after I showered that morning. I push my shorts down and Linda says I see you got rid of the cartoon panties. I say yea. I put on the white bloomers and the lines of the panties definitely show thru. Linda says I told you!! The bloomers are tight and as I push them down the yellow panties come down a little with them, as I start to fix them back in position Linda says you don't shave either? I say I do. She says no, not your legs silly, your pubic hair. I say I barely have any, but I am sure she noticed it when my panties cane down with my bloomers. She says Kami shave it off for bikinis and guys and she laughs. I say do you? She responds YES!! She says c'mon girl, let's go take a shower. We undress in the shower. Linda is beautiful, nice large firm breast, nickel size nipples and shaven. She makes me stand in the shower and says this won't take long, that I have mostly peach fuzz and a few tiny strands, I was beginning to like hair coming out above my slit, it had taken over 11 years to get it going, now, in a couple of minutes Linda had wisked it all off!! I was bare again. We came out of the shower and Linda says don't put on those flannel pjs you put out on the dresser, that she wants me to sleep in something of hers that's already to small for her. She reeves her towel and puts on a red nightie with matching panties that are sheet. She then says let me get yours, that she's saving it for her little sister but she's barely 6 as she hands it to me on a hanger. It's a white nightie that is thin and the panties appear to be completely string except for the front. She says I bet you haven't slept in anything like it? I move my head sideways meaning no. I push my towel off, Linda has already practically seen all of me, my breast are complete opposite of hers, mine are barely coming out, dime size nipples, but you can still barely see them thru the negligie. The panties are g-string. Linda says let's dry our hair. After we do this she says let me do some make up on you her way. I say ok. After she is done I look like a different me!! She says let's take a picture of me, I say What? She grabs me by the hand and says let's move the chair and take a picture of you!! Linda grabs her camera and takes my photo. She says you are pretty and shows me the picture, it is captured like waist up. Linda says she has an Idea, for me to sit on the bed. I do as she says, she wants me to pretend I am a model and she is taking pictures of me. She makes me take pictures of her in her nighty. In bed we both go thru the pictures as we are deleting them together, she says Kami these panties your wearing don't even cover your p***y, in a few of the pictures we are going thru my private area is exposed from the lack of coverage of the underwear. Linda says guys are going to love you, your going to be such a s***!! We delete all the pictures, she says move my leg over hers as she grabs it to lock it under hers. She puts her hands over my panties, they cover nothing and are easy to push aside for the main prize. I let her! The next day no bra, no panties under our cheer unform for the both of us!!!

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  • This is a guy with a panty fetish correct?

  • I couldn't make it through the whole thing, as I was losing the will to live. Did it end with a car chase or something? Maybe an explosion?

  • I love it when women talk like this. Nothing more intense than girls underwear especially cartoon underwear. I like wearing my little pony cotton ones or M&S white plain
    Also white tights or thigh socks make great fun and feel naughty. Your friend likes your p**** and if only she wanted a dirty man to chat about this chat about ur p****

  • I was a cheerleader too. Our squad had three guys and seven girls. I remember getting tossed in the air a lot, and getting a thumb in my ass or v***** when I came back down. We were always getting felt up.

  • I was on my college cheer team until my sophomore year when all the practices and games and travel started getting in the way of my f******. That's when I quit the team.

  • Like some advice from a young person. should I force someone to have s** with me and force someone to employ me with threats or blackmail or bribery ? I am sick of being unemployed and no relationship? younger people know how the system works better so can you tell me what I should do?

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