Fatty sucks it!!

I'm driving down the highway right now using voice text. And I have to confess. I have some fat chick I met last night in my passenger seat leaning over deep-throating my c*** hard. I came once and she swallowed it all. Then when she got up sit back up I told her" what are you doing b****, get back down there and keep sucking it" and she is. We have a two and a half hour drive ahead of us I don't care how many times I c**. I'm going to make this b**** suck me off the whole ride. She keeps telling me her jaw is getting sore. So I'm going to end this story quick because I need my hand to push your head down on my c*** show this fat f****** b**** what she really needs. And that's my big d*** b**** deep down her throat as she chokes and gags on it. If she's lucky I'll pull her over Bend her over and shove it in her ass. But that's all she's getting. Peace.

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  • Fat chicks rock. Ugly ones too. They are willing to do more. And most don't care if your married or have a gf. Every one I've cheated with will do butt deep throat anything you ask for. But they act like they are new to it or hesitate doing it like they never have.

  • I gotta confess too. I got my d*** sucked by my fat sister in law while my wife was asleep

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