P*** b******

About a year ago I was home alone sitting on my room jerking off while watching p***. And one of my wife's friends comes over to grab something head of the kitchen. I didn't hear cuz I had the p*** on loud, but I'm sure she heard it I didn't even notice her when she stood at the door so there I am pants down around my ankles jerking it in my chair and I see her out of the corner of my eye standing right beside me just out of my peripherals. So I jump back in shock. She doesn't even say a work and crouched down and kisses my lips before heading down and sucking my c***. So here I am in the middle of the day no one home p*** on of a woman sucking c*** while I have my wife's bf sucking mine. And man was she good at it. Nice and deep and wet. Spit dripping down my b**** and she didn't even come up for air. All of a sudden I explode in her mouth as she lets a bit drip down my c*** out of her mouth. Then swallows the rest before licking my c*** clean. She sits up wipe the east off her lips and puts it in her mouth fixes her shirt (and pulls down her bra, hehehe) and stands up and says" have to borrow a pan from you guys for dinner" and leave the room. She hasn't said a word about it since. Thank goodness.

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  • Tottaly real.

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