My best friend (girl) always tries to make me h****

Rachel and I have been friends for a few year and recently we're best friends, I'm chilled so we do whatever she wants to do, which has caused issues with girlfriends for me but I like Rachel too much to kill our friendship.

Sometimes I wish we could have more though as she always tries to turn me on in public. She loves it! When we go swimming, she'll gently brush past my d*** knowing it'll give me a instant b****. Some people notice it standing tall and proud and are pretty disgusted.

She does it in front of her mom a lot, rubs her foot on my d*** under the table just before we get up to clear the dishes, licks her lips at me, licks my ear, tells me how she plays with her c*** etc.

She showed me a video of her sucking off her bf and then made me w*** off to it in her bathroom, she has total control over my d***. She sent me a pic of her t*** when I was on a date, needless to say leaving a restaurant with a buldge and there was no 2nd date.

Now she tells me not to w*** unless she has given me an erection, she loves the tease and I kinda like it too.

Yesterday she went an extra step, she told me to take my pants down, just her looking at my d*** got me hate, then as her face got near it, I got precum slowly oozing out, then she stroked one fringer down my shaft and I lost all control and just instantly started c******, I couldn't hold back, it went everywhere. She just laughed and told me to clean up my mess as she left the room. Simultaneously amazing and f***** up but my god I love it!

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  • I go out of my way to f*** my best friend as hard as possible: there’s something about it that makes this hotter than if we were in a relationship; her moans and nonstop c****** is specifical. She lets me c** wherever I want. And, more importantly, she does things with me that she’d never do with her boyfriend (e.g. he can’t c** anywhere, he has to wear condoms, but I don’t, etc).

  • I hope you are making all this up but I've been around far longer than you and say, "Run away." A young woman who teases and carries on with you when she is involved with someone else is trouble. One who does what she does in front of her mother has major problems.


  • I can't run away, I love her too much. And she knows it. She tied me up naked to her bed while she was out to dinner with her boyfriend. Her mom came in and found me with a my d*** all limp and little but as soon as I saw her I got an erection. She quickly left the room. Rachel couldn't stop laughing when she found out.

  • Things have progressed, she face timed me whilst she was getting f***** and got me to w*** off her.

    She rubbed my d*** at the cinema so I came in my pants, not a great look in grey sweat pants.

    She makes me wear super tight shorts at the mall and gets me hard near kids stores. That's scary!

    Worst was she showed her mom her tricks, she stroked her gorgeous foot on my d*** and her mom saw me get hard. She then rubbed it some more until I came. God I want her!

  • Just leave it be if she sends you pics that's fine and like you said she took it a step further meaning she will take more steps further

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