My first ANF many times to c** as a cuckold

My gf of a year now has found out about my cuck fantasies and decides to surprise me for Valentine's day spoiler alert I never got any p**** that night and haven't since she ended up finding one of her guy friends and he agreed to it I watched them go at it for 3 hours not just f****** but making passionate love kissing looking deep in each others eyes embracing each other after a while she had c** multiple times he was huge about 9 inches blows me out of the water she out of nowhere in a rush of sexual ecstasy c** in me please I want it not long after he did this wasn't planned and he did he cummed deep in her p**** as she came for about the 10th time they kissed more and more as his c*** stayed in her for about five mins after he dumped his load in her she stops kissing and says I love you to him after we all had a talk she assured she still loves me deeply but also shares a connection both physically and emotionally with him too and wants to continue f****** him whenever she wants and I get it whenever she feels like which is never I get to j*** and c** my small cuck loads as I watch it's been five months he got her pregnant that first night and continues to f*** her usually I'm not there he got her a ring not an engagement ring but a "baby daddy" ring and she has to wear it till the baby is born she stays at his place off and on and at my place also usually just cuddles and teasing my c*** we plan on moving in together all three of us and there's talk after the baby is born we can have some mmf threesomes me of course only getting mouth or a*** as I'm no longer allowed in her p**** she continues to love me and our relationship is strong but she is his sexually now

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  • Perfect for you all then

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