She told me she was "Nipple Crazy."

Too bad we had our differences and broke up because my time with Vanessa was unforgettable. I was a twenty-five year old virgin, and she was a nineteen year old hottie. What I remember most about her was our second date. We went to the beach. Her parents had a cottage there, and she invited me for a Saturday outing. As we lay on the beach that hot day, I remember how she kept staring at my chest. I didn't mind the attention at all. And to be honest, I was staring at her chest too; not to mention staring at her legs, and belly as well. She looked great in her white bikini.
I wasn't used to this. No woman had ever looked at me like that before. And even though it was a little uncomfortable, I loved it. At about four in the afternoon she suggested we go to her parent's cottage for a beer and something to eat. That sounded good, and so off we went. It was only a five minute walk to the cottage. When we got there I started to put my shirt on, but Vanessa protested. "Leave your shirt off. I like you like that," she said with a smile. So of course the shirt remained off.
Inside the cottage was her mother and sixteen year old sister. Her dad was in the city working. They were all so nice to me. And her little sister was so much like Vanessa. I caught her eyes on my chest several times.
The beer went down well. And just as Vanessa's mother handed me another beer, Vanessa told me to come and see something she had. I was curious, but it was a lie. Vanessa lured me to a private area and then went after my nipples. She massaged them, pinched them, pulled them, and sucked on them. It drove me nuts. And gave me quite a b****. Then her mother called us for supper. Vanessa laughed at the thought of me going out there with a h******. She shuffled me into the bathroom, where I stayed until I softened. It seemed to take a long time.
The next time we were alone, Vanessa went for my nipples again. "I hope you don't mind this," she said, "but I'm just so nipple crazy. I love nipples, and always have." And I loved it. She would sometimes spend an hour on my nipples. If we watched a movie she had to play with them all during the movie. The down side, for me, was that she was always looking at other men't nipples, which made me jealous. Too bad we broke up, because no other woman has ever looked after my nipples the way Vanessa did. A lot of the girls I went out with never even looked at them when my shirt was off. That's when I missed Vanessa the most.

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