I fart whenever I have to. I just let them rip. In the store, on a plane, at the movies, at work, you name it. I've been doing it for so long now my husband doesn't even flinch anymore. I love seeing the shocked or embarrassed reaction from people. And it feels good to just get rid of them and not hold them until it is the "correct" time to fart.

Mar 2, 2018

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  • I love you.

  • So you take pleasure in s******* in front of people just to see expresions. You have grown used to the idea. Others look at you smiling and loading up your pants like you are a p*** fetish slob farting in public because it turns you on.
    It's like a double fetish.

  • Absolutely classless

  • I do it at home, of course, as does my wife, but unlike her, I also do it whenever we visit relatives. We are family, after all, aren't we?

  • I have been flirting with that idea myself. I am frankly a very attractive young woman, and like to think I can pull off farting in public. Thanks for the post; I think I now will have the courage to do this myself.

  • I did that in bed at night, even after I got married. My wife said if I didn't stop it, she'd divorce me. I wasn't going to put myself to the trouble of getting up and going into the bathroom, or some other room in the house, so I just kept farting in bed, even when she was in bed with me. She filed on me, I said sayonara.

  • Because farting whenever you want is more important than your marriage...you are totally winning at life 😂😂

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