Life sucks with children!

I am 36 years old, married, and have two boys. Wow, where do I begin! Children are a freakin nightmare, PERIOD!!!! I have a three and one year old that are driving me f****** CRAZY, and the wife too! My wife is from Peru and being with someone from another culture is rough. If I could go back I would change EVERYTHING because no wife means no family, which would be perfect in my situation right now. To describe it all in a nutshell, having a family means losing ALL OF YOUR FREEDOM!!! And as an American, freedom is what I cherish the most. For me to be able to do anything I’d like is a DREAM and the best dream I can ever ask for.

Me being a parent, I can’t sleep like I used to, get up and go wherever I want like I used to, buy what I want like I used to, etc. I like to read, learn languages, go to zoos, aquariums, travel/road tripping, kayaking and then unexpectedly see a pod of orcas, but I’ll probably never see the day when I can do these things again (everything I would have seen in person I have to watch now on YouTube to get only a small fraction of that Excitement)

And with children? Kiss your bank account goodbye. You constantly have to pay for shit you don’t need and will never see again, try to decipher what in the hell your child is saying, carry them when your arm is already dying from carrying his ass around for 30 minutes prior just because he doesn’t like to sit in one spot, hear your children screaming in your ears then have to make a dr’s appointment for bad hearing, cleaning up after them, seeing their little asses break everything, WTF?? And the lists goes on and on.

This is something I will be complaining about for many years from now. I don’t care! I already hate it. I want my old life back. Now I understand why millennials prefer not to get married. If you want to live a healthy life, one in which you can actually go out and actually exercise, then NEVER GET MARRIED!!!! If you want a more financially-secure life and never have to worry about being low on funds, then NEVER GER MARRIED!!!! If you hate stressing all the time because your children are sick in the hospital then NEVER GET MARRIED!!!!!If you just appreciate FREEDOM then NEVER FUCKING GET MARRIED!!!!!!!

Oh and the cliché: “I don’t want to be/die alone” bullshit. Trust me, life isn’t all about “finding love.” It’s about finding yourself. Understanding who you are as a person,especially in 2018. When that happens then you decide if your personality is fit for marriage. My isn’t. But this doesn’t mean i’m gonna be a crappy father. I married and brought two humans into this world so now I have a huge responsibility to see the well-being of my boys.

Just a little advice to the youngsters that happen to read this. Don’t get married!

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